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Discussion in '2016 Summer Olympics' started by HuskyNan, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Anyone know how this Phase I and Phase II thing works? There's a 12 member team that's headed to Europe for training but none of them are what I would think are likely Olympic team members. Players such as Natalie Achonwa, Kia Nurse, Jamie Weisner, et all (see the full list of 24 tryout invitees) aren't on the Phase I team.

    The Canadian National Team site is horrible. I can't find out much info at all.
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    Nine of the 12-member team going to Europe were part of the very successful PanAm/FIBA Americas team last summer. I would expect most (if not all) of those 9 will to be on the Olympic team. Jim Fuller addressed this in one of his blogs. Nurse is in Storrs for school and a break from basketball, while the WNBA players (Achonwa, Nirra Fields, Ruth Hamblin) are playing with their respective teams. Nurse will participate in the next training camp (June 28-July 11) and I imagine the WNBA players will be there as well.