Amerikaners in der Bundesliga



Shut Up Carl.
Aug 26, 2011
Can Kaiserslautern remain in that big stadium in K-town with 3rd Division revenues? For over 20 years as a First and Second Bundesliga club 1860 München was playing in Olympiastadion or Allianz Arena, and were even co-owners of Allianz with Bayern for a while. In order to maintain the license for each level of competition a club has to meet a number of conditions organizationally and financially; also as far as size and quality (seated vs. standing, covered area, etc.) of their stadium. Last year when 1860 lost the relegation from 2nd division against Jahn Regensburg, they (1860) could not meet the financial conditions for 3rd Bundesliga and had to drop down to the 4th division Regionaliga. They moved out of Allianz to the Stadium on Grünwalder Strasse.
No idea. But if they move out then it will be vacant.