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    Top 5 coaches of all time. Calhoun in or out?

    1. K (5) 2. Wooden* (10) 3. Calhoon (3) 4. Knight (3) 5. Smith (2) 6. Williams* (3) 7. Pitino* (2) 8. Crum (2) 9. Wright (2) 10. Izzo (1) 11. Olson (1) Rupp - too ancient Give Wright another 10 years to move up the list
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    UMass Announces Intention To Play Football in Fall 2020

    Whether UConn plays or not this year there is not much effect to the next 5 years in the plan for football. There just isn't much reward in playing this year, so why take the deeper financial loss and the higher health risk? Covid is unfortunate, but UConn sitting this one out makes some...
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    Smaller CFB Stadiums

    West Point is on my list
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    CFB - week two game thread

    UConn might have a better record than FSU this year.
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    OT: NBA Playoffs

    Kyle Lowry is pretty good
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    Espn article about conferences vs geography.

    is anybody working on a 30 for 30 Requiem for ESPN?
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    Best Player Ever From The State Of Connecticut

    Harold Jensen had a nice run.
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    OT: Travel abroad anyone?

    Time and a place for everything!
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    OT: Travel abroad anyone?

    It can be a bit of both. I was referring to the great US resources of lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, including national parks and monuments. Whether you sleep in a hotel at night or a van or a tent, I think there is a great opportunity to eat first class with your own cooking. Pick up a...
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    Anyone Ever Attend a UConn BB True Road Game

    (Maybe it’s not them)
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    Anyone Ever Attend a UConn BB True Road Game

    I was sitting right in front of you. North Stands behind the basket.
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    Diggins intangibles.

    Great potential in this kid. There is only so much room on the roster. I’m hoping it’s great for the Big East, and they both thrive.
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    OT: Travel abroad anyone?

    Sounds like 2022
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    OT: Travel abroad anyone?

    Head west, young man
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    OT: Travel abroad anyone?

    Take the yeti cooler and the Coleman stove