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    Gampel Technical enhancements

    Amazing post, one with "i fart in your general direction" for a narrative calling others Neanderthals. Another line in the book of things you just can't make up....This is classic...
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    UConn vs. Temple Badass award goes to....

    I'll go with the OP on this one. This season is going to be a real team effort to have success. While still not making a shot from the floor, I like that Anna led the team in assists. Here is the early box...
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    2019 Broyles Award Nominees...

    While most of us treasure every bit of info huskymedic brings us this thread should not upset a single UConn fan. OK, maybe those that do not realize the 2012 winner was Bob Diaco......... Side note Don Brown now coaching with his 15th team.....
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    Where do you think we can get another 15 points?

    Not sure where anyone coach or player could get a guaranteed 80 points from. Defense wins championships, simply out score the opponent and you win the game. Different years bring different talent or lack of, no set rules on how many points a team should score. This years team lacking in size is...
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    OT: Relentlessly positive music

    I'll call with a "shout".
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    OT: Relentlessly positive music

    Speaks for itself....
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    Preseason For Geno Also .....

    Just thought this would be a little different caption game. When needed Geno always has something to say to the officials and rarely do we know what is actually said. Not that he needs any help, so what is he saying. I'll start with. Che gioco stai guardando!? (what game are you watching!?)
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    Villanova's Harry Perretta Retiring After 2019-2020 Season

    Just like Geno, took the job until something else better came along....
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    Tailgate Menu for Navy Game...

    @coachcap as Duncan above hopes you have Navy beans in the chili in honor of your distinguished guest. Nice he is being welcomed aboard a UConn tailgate. I would hope one of the libations would be a nice PORT wine. Thank him for serving from our group of four to six with occasional guests...
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    Rocky Mountain Blue

    We can only hope it's only a bump in the road and not a "Don't Look Up" thing.
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    Geno wants WCBB to De-Emphasize the Three Pointer

    No attack here Plebe just a good spot to ask a question of all. How many think the men and women should play with the same size ball???
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    Aaliyah Edwards to UConn!!!

    Yes and I also realize her accent is that of Kingston Jamaica. ;) You do realize Ontario is a Provence in Canada ... Eh .....
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    Aaliyah Edwards to UConn!!!

    Bonjour Aaliyah, Bienvenu dans votre nouvelle maison loin de chez vous! :D Just having fun, from your announcement video it is obvious what values you were looking for in the next level of education and basketball. Obviously you and your family realize you are coming to a top notch school and...
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    KC Bye Week Sherman Goes NASCAR ....

    This aired before the start of today's race in Kansas. One of my all time favorites here.
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    A Highlight

    A little positivity anyone? We're #5 ............. What can Brown do for you?