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    It’s official! Welcome back Jamelle!!

    This is great news, collectively this has to be the greatest basketball staff in the history of the game! OK at least for my money. ;)
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    Travel Restrictions and Recruiting

    Not an attack but isn't it the MO of the all knowing Chief to be educating the hordes of The Boneyard. ;) I get it, a thread where one can ask a question and then tell all who respond just how wrong they are. I'll bite with they will just continue doing what they have under the same...
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    OT: favorite tunes from the 21st century

    Their out there but maybe the silent Majority. I have tried for a few years to get decent tickets for Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers. You have to pay triple digits to be in the same zip code and watch on a large screen at most venues. And just to be in tune with the thread this is...
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    OT: favorite tunes from the 21st century

    This thread is not fair to us old folks that tend to rehash oldies and classic rock. Having said that I am fortunate enough to find even newer material that I really find not only an enjoyable listen but interesting. Got one here with a couple of middle aged guys working their song with a...
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    Get Well Serrano

    WOW, this must be a Boneyard exclusive! Multiple news media searches show anything on.... Serrano Branching Out And Barking Up The Wrong Tree! ;)
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    docking a boat

    You might find this helpful but I will add know your surroundings and practice makes perfect. @Captnbluefin above said it well. It would not hurt to have an experienced boater mentor you for a day of practice on many of the obstacles you will encounter other than just docking. If you are on a...
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Tyler Phommachanh (Stratford CT)

    Welcome Tyler! Nice to have a Winged Beaver wanting to morph into a Husky. :D
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    UConn Coaches Road Show ....

    No Randy? I find it not good how the press has been treating football. Multiple articles each week about rejoining the Big East and basketball recruits. This with very little on football which starts before basketball. I love both but I find it sad with the first two years of the coaches road...
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    UConn Coaches Road Show ....

    Just FYI for those that may not get school directed emails....
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    UConn Coaches Road Show...

    Just FYI for those that may be at a distance or not get the emails...
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    Football donations are so pathetic that

    So I start another negative thread which the media has access to ..... Head bang
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    What’s the UConn return to campus/workout schedule? (Update > 7/1)

    A slightly brighter light at the end of the tunnel with Lamont moving phase 2 up from the 20th to the 17th. This due to dropping numbers a little faster than anticipated. There are several links and stories available, I use this one as it is the only one that mentions colleges and universities...
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    OT: Code of the West

    I agree with you dog, was just trying to be funny above. I am glad your security system and local law enforcement scored big. I hope you get back with what they were charged with and the outcome. Will they get 3rd degree felony under NM law or because it was nipped in the bud only attempted...
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    OT: Code of the West

    My first thought but then I realize he goes by @veryolddog. Had it been in the days he considered himself a veryyoungdog there might have been a different outcome. ;)
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    OT: first album, first track

    That deserved an extra like... ;) Start with one that can't be left out .... Janis was and will always be a favorite of mine but that is Big Brother And The Holding Company featuring her, first song on the album. I was younger and just starting my record collection and sad to say I was late to...