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    OT: Before hitting the "Normal" button...

    Sooner or later, most will be exposed to this virus one way or the other (just like flu - or the common cold). Immunity happens ONLY through exposure or a vaccine. Either you become immune (with or without symptoms) or you don't get exposed. All of this "shutdown" only delays - it doesn't cancel
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    Basketball not to be this year?

    YES: Driving on I-95
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    Huskies on TV

    It's pretty obvious why they keep losing. They keep running the same play. They lose a game, and then the next time they replay that game - they re-run the exact same play in exactly the same position. I always thought the coaching staff and players should learn from the past but alas, they...
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    Megan Walker Goes Pro [merged thread]

    Endured? Please go be a fan of another team if you couldn't ENJOY this past year.
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    Megan Walker Goes Pro [merged thread]

    Why? Was she your personal entertainment machine? How much did you pay to have her play?
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    Should seniors get another year of eligibility?

    The "law of unintended consequences" comes into full play here. Granting another year WILL impact every other player including the development of incoming freshmen. There STILL will be only 5 players allowed on the court, the game will be 200 minutes long. Playing time, practice attention...
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    Cincinnati Postgame Thread

    But you have to understand - that is only one in a row 6 times. Still obviously a single data point.
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    AAC Bracket

    Looked but didn't see this - an actual bracket (updated as the games are played)
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    U dont want UConn in your bracket

    I'm pretty sure it's the opposite of a BIG GULP.
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    Post game thread - Cincy (merged thread)

    You are absolutely correct, neither of these things have been discussed!! (sorry @victor64 - I just couldn't help myself)
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    Tulsa: The "Efficiency" rating tells the story

    I completely disagree. It does NO SUCH THING. At best, it ONLY measures offensive things - and doesn't do a very good job at that. It does NOTHING on the defensive end. It doesn't begin to account for TEAM. It is the epitome of "I". It doesn't begin to account for if the others on the...
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    Tulsa: The "Efficiency" rating tells the story

    I think what you're saying is that Williams shouldn't be playing? She played far more minutes then all those below her. I think you've attempted to reduce the game to only what is on a stat sheet. There are many more things that impact a game than what shows on a stat sheet.
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    Our Next 5 Games Poll

    Is Challenging Fun an option?
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    Does WCBB

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    UConn at UCF Replay

    Thank you!!