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    Tulsa: The "Efficiency" rating tells the story

    I completely disagree. It does NO SUCH THING. At best, it ONLY measures offensive things - and doesn't do a very good job at that. It does NOTHING on the defensive end. It doesn't begin to account for TEAM. It is the epitome of "I". It doesn't begin to account for if the others on the...
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    Tulsa: The "Efficiency" rating tells the story

    I think what you're saying is that Williams shouldn't be playing? She played far more minutes then all those below her. I think you've attempted to reduce the game to only what is on a stat sheet. There are many more things that impact a game than what shows on a stat sheet.
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    Our Next 5 Games Poll

    Is Challenging Fun an option?
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    Does WCBB

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    UConn at UCF Replay

    Thank you!!
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    Boneyard Meanings

    A BY meaning that has come to light frequently this year (but it's also been used in years past) "This is a fair to middlin team" (or any variation on this theme). Apparently these posters think the NCAA has only a dozen teams or so!! Could you imagine the angst if UCONN's performance...
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    Your Guess is correct. UCLA is the only remaining unbeaten.
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    Clearly...Geno has to go.

    Pardon my ignorance. I recognize that UCONN didn't win the "big prize", but please name a team more successful over the past 4 years. I'm going to agree with Geno - some are only fans of winning - not of the game!!
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    Only two remain. Both Pac-12. Team Wins Next Games Oregon St 15 1/12...
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    Geno - This one was on you

    I'd like to remind people: If your sense of well-being or self worth is dependent upon how some 18 to 22 year old women who you've never met play a game, you need to seek help.
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    Is it possible that she was conserving energy not knowing how much she had in the tank? When she got to the 4th, she could see the end and was able to increase energy output?
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    This Poll Closes 10 Minutes Prior To The Baylor Game Tonight

    When I read the question, I thought the choices were going to be Geno Kim Tara Dawn Kelly
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    OT: Jeopardy

    The thing I noticed was that none of them crashed the boards. They all seemed to just want to play one on one. Structured offense, setting picks and screens not one of did. Plus, when they got a rebound, they all brought it down where it could be swatted. They better step up their game...
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    Four teams remain unbeaten. It is possible (though not likely) that these four could remain unbeaten until 2/17 when UCLA and Oregon St play each other. TEAM Wins Next Games NC St 14 1/9 @ North Carolina 1/12 @ Notre Dame 1/16 Florida St Oregon St 14 1/10 @ Arizona 1/12 @ Arizona St...
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    Didn't have to wait until tomorrow to get to 5. Kansas lost to Oklahoma St today. Now 5, tomorrow guaranteed to be 4 or fewer.