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    What the Bundesliga tells us about sports and Covid.

    You need a new physician.
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    What the Bundesliga tells us about sports and Covid.

    It feels like this will be much harder for the USA. First....we are in a much worse place with the virus. Germany has done a good job of flattening the curve. We have not. Second...we just can't seem to follow rules here. I don't know if you will see the same discipline here that they had...
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    We're officially out of the AAC.

    Good intentions but poorly executed. This is the football board! But..we know what you mean. Since most of the country didn't even know what conference that UConn was in...this probably will only by noticed by UConn fans.
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Tyler Phommachanh (Stratford CT)

    "Tyler Phommachanh, the latest Mizzwerkelitect player to commit" That just really rolls off the tongue...". ;) Welcome aboard!
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    OT: Fireworks

    I have noticed them every night here lately in Palm Springs California. Not typical... especially considering they are banned in the city.
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    Theories on recruiting improvement?

    I never thought going independent would work...and like most on here I am impressed with both the schedules and tv deals. I get why this is appealing to kids. Come play at great facilities and play a diverse schedule every year on national linear tv. I would love to hear from all the...
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    Best Comedians You Have Watched

    Not sure what "you have watched" means....I assume it means in person. For me it was Don Rickles at the Desert Inn in Vegas. Great combination of legendary comic in a great venue.
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    Is anyone else concerned?

    Love to hear more from these kids about what attracts them to UConn. Have we heard any feedback on the impact of going independent? Looking at UConn's schedule the next few years...I think an independent schedule should be appealing. While there are sacrificial lamb money games...still cool to...
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    Is anyone else concerned?

    Reverse jinx...thanks zoo!
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    is there something else out there that shows Edsall has (per @ktuck911 )"softened his stance" on transfers?
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    TV ratings will determine out football future.

    I was against re-hiring Edsall in the first place because I worried he would turn off fans. It is true that he seemed to lack offensive imagination and when UConn played good teams, he played to not lose by too much. RE 1.0 won't bring back fans. But...then they hired Lashlee...which gave me...
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Yakiri Walker (DeSoto Texas)

    it's ok to poke fun at yourself. It's not just's a bunch of FBS schools. I know...not P5. He is a 3 star coming to UConn from Texas. Give props when due.
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Yakiri Walker (DeSoto Texas)

    I think he committed to prove @ZooCougar wrong ;) Welcome aboard yakari!
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Joshua Tracey (Bridgeport CT)

    Sounds like me during Covid19 lockdown.... except my height stayed the same.
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    Is anyone else concerned?

    It's fair to question the credentials of the recruits...but the fact that it's early gives me hope. If we were late in the recruiting cycle it could reek of this stage the hope is as E4 says...the FBS offers will come later in the process. I hope this staff is as good as RE...