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    UConn 9 seed in Andy Katz's updated NCAA Tournament bracket predictions

    you missed the BIG News They have RUTGERS at number 4 seed. A Rutgers fan can feel good for a decade on that mention.
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    1st college player reportedly dies from covid complications.

    Millions of 20 year olds think they're immune. College Football Athletes. They're NOT. It's a daunting vicious virus
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    Now it hits the Big Boys wallets

    Once again ... you don't understand a topic; but rant anyway. Business interruption insurance should not have been unaffordable. Yes ... it's VERY common. And we answer the Pandemic variable every day: it would never have been outrageous in cost. This absolutely wasn't predictable or...
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    2021 Recruiting: Samson Johnson to UConn

    did you say Toga? think Jimmer Fredette learned to play basketball there
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    Mid-American Conference Cancels Fall College Football Season

    Why do we always think ... Conference Hoop? sure. A great round robin of 20 games and a brilliant MSG tournament is awesome. Football - if there really is a pool of 30-40 non Giants - is glued together by TV. And the Super League kills the revenue gravy train for the marginal. We get to...
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    Mid-American Conference Cancels Fall College Football Season

    You are going to learn a lot in the next few weeks. I suspect some of the Power 5 have huge expectations and broad $ reliance on Bigtime football. The Player safety issue is nonexistent if there's the possibility of mid $30-50m revenue. The MLB early returns show that this all exists on very...
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    Right Move, but . . .

    our State (I don't live in Connecticut) is overachieving in the containment of the virus For any sports media to think 45 other states are gonna play is highly speculative at this moment. They can take potshots. But I cannot expect games this fall in today outbreak virus explosive states...
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    sheesh You do know that the written Offer has LEGAL obligations? Read it please. It has puff; loud profound upbeat promotional words on the University & praise for the kid. Importantly, the school is giving a scholarship - with clear terms of conditions. Graphics? Acceptance by the...
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Mmmm You act like a know it all ... and you know scantily. Everyone with a touch of UCONN football recruiting insight would see this year has been solid. Numbers. Comparable offers. Roster targeting. Plus the 4 or without More? Same ol Randy - we don’t get the inside
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Chief is an interesting idiot. He’s obviously not followed UConn football recruiting long To have 14 verbal commitments - without summer camps (which are basically tryout camps - and we have numerous good stories from previous years) - is astounding. Plus the Coronavirus. Edsall & staff...
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    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins Commits to UConn

    Apples and Oranges You sell what you have to ... to get the kid on your Team. I think Calhoun was a phenomenal judge of young talent and particularly talent that the masses weren’t chasing. Hurley has a different perspective and paradigm. To even hint that Hurley is BETTER ... is premature...
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    You can find Corny in A Maverick uni
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    I think ... If you’re a young UCONN Husky fan, I wish you could have watched Joey Whelton, Al Weston & Lee Otis Wilson. Why? Gosh they were shooting the ball from way out - long before the 3 point line. And neither Whelton or Weston were of a size you’d see play for The University once we...
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    Pessimism grows in college football over season starting on time (update: it’s crumbling):

    Shrug Mississippi is going to be ($50m) less ... and then Spring. The equivalent UConn loss is probably less than $10m. The University of Mississippi (Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, etc) major revenue driver is football. Sure UConn is incredibly challenged in the last decade; the immediate hit...
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    Pessimism grows in college football over season starting on time (update: it’s crumbling):

    Money The Southern Public State schools monetary Needs are far different than Ivy. The answer is money. And while UConn budget is challenging ... being a Mississippi with a loss of tens of millions that they plugged into the budget will lead to a different decision tree.