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    What Might Have Been In 4 Days

    Tonyc = King of the Silver Lining
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    Husky Hoopla: Projected Starting 5 - another opinion

    The "the five returners starting" is what I said, as in the 5 players who were on last year's roster. You turned that into "five returning starters"... creative, but a waste of some good snark. That's ok, its preseason for posters also.
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    Husky Hoopla: Projected Starting 5 - another opinion

    The only way it's not the 5 returners starting on opening day is if Evina isn't physically ready! I say this with the absolute certainty that comes from a dearth of info and a recognition that there are no consequences for being wrong.
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    Season Hangs On Olivia and Christyn

    The season really hangs on COVID-19. I'm going to enjoy every minute of whatever season we get, however far we get. I need UConn basketball like an astronaut needs air.
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    4 Women Huskies Make Naismith Watch List

    How does this work? Can an emerging talent be added to the list as the season progresses, or are they locked in to give the award to one of these 50? Either way, it's nice to be mentioned, but it is really meaningless. I really doubt there's 50 players in the country better than Anna, AND I...
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    Lest we forget: The Icewoman Cometh in 2022!

    41 and 28. Ugh. Just what we need... another ball hog chic. Would it kill her to pass the ball occasionally? ;) :p
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    Azzi Fudd to UCONN

    I don't know what all the fuss is about, she missed a couple... :eek:
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    Playing time this year

    I agree with Huskee11. Geno will not change the way playing time is allotted to "keep everyone fresh". You earn every minute in practice. Considering the talent level and reported (through Geno) competitiveness of the group in practice, his real challenge might be to give his starters enough...
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    Media Availibility Day

    Jamelle said Piath is 6'7"!! Someone call Bria, we need a measurement!
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    Husky Pups Intro

    Some years ago my Mom said to me "I swear this team is what keeps me alive." In this COVID / political Crazy Train era, I'm really feeling what she meant. Thanks UConn WBB!!
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    Husky Pups Intro

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    Media Availibility Day

    Agree, but... don't forget a reconfigured Anna and Christyn, a rehabbed Evina and the Eraser, Liv. Will Nika and/or Mir crack the rotation? How is Project Piath coming along? Will Autumn have her "Polly" moments? I really can't wait to take in all this season's stories. Need this soooo bad.
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    Packed with Talent

    Playing time is going to be very tough to come by for some darned good players. If Evina stays, 7 guards not counting Autumn in 2021-2022. Yikes!