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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    Can we get her up to about 1.1 Hartley Units? She'd be a pretty good stretch post.
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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    See: Larry Bird.
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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    Throw caution to the wind today and it probably ends up in another zip code.:p
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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    Just watched more of this. Best thing I saw? At 5:25 she gets the MVP award - quick handshake, back to her seat, award gets stuffed under her chair. Couple seconds later she and the other captains accept the championship trophy only then does she really celebrate enthusiastically. Yeah, now...
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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    I'm on board... just cautious. She looks great.
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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    I don't strongly disagree with you. I mentioned the speed/quickness in my previous post also. BUT I also see a lot to be intrigued by. I was trying to come up with a comparison to another player and I think she reminds me of (hold on to your lunches) Marina Mabrey. If Caroline achieves...
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    Caroline Ducharme (CD4) Video

    SO hard to tell how a player will do at the next level in Geno's pressure cooker. I really like what I see though: the footwork (saw a little euro-step action in there), the finishing and the range. I like that she plays with confidence and some fire (even shot some ish at the refs a few...
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    Players Arriving/Returning to Campus Today!

    There just HAS TO BE a season!!
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    Carl A Article Jacki Gemelos

    Very hard not to root for Jacki...
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    Mystics vs Sun - 7/28/20

    First, as a UConn fan and Sun season ticket member no one wants KML to succeed more than me. But the fact is that she's a 5-ish ppg player for her career, so expectations can't be too high. To my eye, she does not look to be in very good playing shape and is demonstrably a liability on D. She...
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    State of the Sun 2 Games In

    My Sun is not looking very good, other than AT and DB who are doing all they can. The starting backcourt is shooting <20% on the season. Bri Jones is OK... no better or worse than expected. KML off the bench is a liability on D and shooting 20% from the field (11% from 3). Rookies Kaila...
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    A Glimpse at Piath

    Very nice to see Piath at work. I REALLY need there to be a basketball season.
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    Hiedeman Back at Sun Practice

    Too bad Natisha and Kaila have trouble making new friends. :p I remember the first time I saw Natisha at a Sun practice. She was soooooo serious and intense, never saw her smile at all. I loved her effort and intensity and I was shocked when the Sun waived her. Once she was brought back...
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    Wow. -30-
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    Not sure where the negative energy is coming from but I appreciate the info on Edwards. I'm not arguing with anyone here, I just responded to soxfan23 's antagonistic and information-free post. I can't wait to learn more about Aaliyah and the rest of the team.