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    FIBAU17 Semis: USA v Hungary 1:30 EDT

    I tried conncting to ESPN+ but failed.
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    Extra ticket, Friday only

    I will be at the Sunday game. Last year was all SEC, will this year be all ACC?
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    Extra ticket, Friday only

    Nevermind, it has been taken. (If mods want to remove the post, that is fine)
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    1 Ticket Available for Final Four Games

    It looks to be like the rows are lettered, not numbered. Did you do the conversion, or does your ticket literally say row 3? (I have a ticket, just curious)
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    Extra ticket, Friday only

    I also have an extra ticket. Like Patrick Lilly, the downside is you need to sit near me. It is also in section 116, but in row T. Seat 5. Friday only, there will be someone using it Sunday. I leave early tomorrow morning, so message me today if interested.
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    3 Male Coaches in Final Four

    Assuming you want ratio to total, 39% are male. There are 349 Division I schools. 17 of the schools currently have a vacancy leaving 332 schools with a position. One minor complication is that Brooke Stoehr & Scott Stoehr are co-head coaches of Louisiana Tech, so the number of Division I...
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    Active Head Coaches / Final Four Appearances

    Yes, she coached for 38 years.
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    Active Head Coaches / Final Four Appearances

    That means Geno and Tara together have as many FF as the next nine combined.
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    UVA’s Boyle is retiring

    Not so fast. The UVA endowment fund is 69 million. While I did not find a recent value for USC, I think it is far smaller. Endowments | UVA – All In For Excellence
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    And so it begins: USA Today says the St. Francis blowout is bad for the sport

    There is a solution to the blowout problem which doesn't have the unfairness of limiting the field to 32 teams. Keep the field at 64 teams, and institute a double bye system. (Just like the old Big East Conferncen Tournament) It takes seven rounds by can be completed without major changes to...
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    Who do we want to be the #2 & #3 seeds in UConn's bracket?

    Oregon seems to be so wired for the west coast, I'm not sure why it makes sense to considier them. I prefer SC over Baylor.
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    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    Precisely. While it is likely that a computer based model predicting that A beats B and B beats C will predict that A beats C, under many circumstances, there are important exceptions. The likelihood might explain why people tend to think of computer based models as transitive, (although I have...
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    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    I agree. Massey has them at 29, which sounds about right. Solid 8 seed.
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    Rankings next week - lots of ranked teams lost..

    That's not an answer As an aside, computer models do not build transitivity into their models. What about your answer has anything to do with why the models are biased against mid-majors? As another aside, I do know something about models. I have built computer models of many thing, including...