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    In early Nov, 2019, Danny K (@dannykuconn) posted that he was taking the season off to care for an ill family member (his Mother if I recall correctly). He was mostly off BY all last season, and actually, his user name doesn't come up on a search of current BY members. I always loved his...
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    as @Carnac and @oldude mentioned, there was the leg sweep incident where Arike appeared to intentionally knock Crystal to the floor (unseen by any of the 3 referees)...and there was another incident involving an Arike "head shot" to Crystal during a UCONN inbounds play late in the game with the...
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    Players Arriving/Returning to Campus Today!

    With any luck EW, CW or ONO (this year's 3 Team Leaders) will see this suggestion on the BY and keep us ALL informed of the status of the Team.
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    Paige Gatorade Female Athlete Player of the Year.

    Next Year's Winner of the same award!!! ;) ;)
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    Another Glimpse At Anna

    Went to Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany a few years ago as an excursion during a cruise. This "memorial" is unlike anything I have ever seen with different size blocks of stone/cement(?). It's a Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It is supposed to be a very solemn place, and...
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    I agree with @EricLA ... Anna is going to be a very important piece of the Machine that will be UCONN WBB in the coming season(s).... and with her playing at the same OR higher level as she finished last season, matched with the other pieces of the machine either returning or reporting in for...
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    NCAA offers plan to bring athletes back to campus

    Penn State just announced beginning to bring some athletes to campus starting June 8th...
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    Can it happen again

    3 time AA, 2 time Conference Player of the year, 10th highest scorer in UCONN WBB History...and would surely have been higher had she not gotten kneed in the spine on senior day., only player in College BB (Men or Women) to go 10 for 10 from 3 pt range in a game... But Paige needs to exceed...
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    NCAA offers plan to bring athletes back to campus

    And to think one of the most known biologists prominent in the field of vaccines was Louis Pasteur... from France.
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    Minnesota Regent Stirs it Up on Corona and the NCAA

    Spoke with friends in Ft. Lauderdale, FL yesterday. They said the Miami Dolphins have announced their "plans" for the upcoming NFL season. These included (1) Limited seating to ensure social distancing (can't remember the percentage of seats/tickets that will be allowed to be sold), (2) Ticket...
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    Katie Lou's 10-10 from Three

    And...watching the shots carefully, it appears only 2 actually touched rim on their way to the bottom of the net...the other 8 had the most desired sound in basketball.... S W I S H.... Outstanding night by Lou.
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    Thank you Molly

    In every UCONN WBB game, some of my favorite moments are the crowd reactions when Molly sinks a shot...mostly those she made from 3pt line... the eruption of fan delight was always great to see and hear in person and on TV. Wish Molly the very best. An incredible TEAM Mate!!
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    This date in UConn History 3/31/19

    That was a really big point in the game! Extended UCONN's lead and deflated Louisville...if just for a short time... That was an incredible game to watch! :D
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    Pick all 5 starters next season (given the recent Megan to WNBA announcement)

    Uhhhh... it actually looks like @EricLA set up the list up by class...i.e. seniors down to freshmen.
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    Message from Kyla

    My heart goes out to Kyla...especially since she is from Pennsylvania (check my BY Name). She is not the greatest player to play for UCONN but she gave it her all throughout her time with the Team and worked hard to become the best version of herself. I was sick when I saw her fall during the...