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    Tyler Coyle

    While our D speed improved, you’re right about the number of missed and broken tackles vs ball carriers and receivers. Lack of strength was a big factor. If Omar Fortt’s transformation is any indication, this fall our bigger, stronger D should reverse that trend.
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    The Athletic: Which 15 Teams Would Form College Football’s “Super League”?

    Since this is all about money, any list of Super league teams without Stanford is a joke. Silicon Valley’s billions (coupled with their football success) would assure their inclusion.
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    OKay! I'll say it.

    Two points here: 1. Don't forget Texas. Vic Schaefer and the Horns are tough to handle. 2. UConn should never wear those drab gray uniforms.
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    Dr. Uyi Osunde new superintendent of Stratford Public Schools

    Fantastic for Uyi, and the kids in Stratford.
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    If not for Bouknight...

    The NBA drafts on potential. He’s gone.
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    New Geico Fight Song

    That Geico commercial is a real song?
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    Lunardi Disses UCONN's 7

    This is silly. Bazz made the AA team in his senior year. He was stellar and seasoned. Bouk played half of this stop and start sophomore season and was injured for most of it. Bazz was a great player. So is Bouknight. I agree the time is now for him to show it. This team is special. They learned...
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    Lunardi Disses UCONN's 7

    I never said Cole is better than Boat. As for Bouk, he's a more talented player than Bazz (ask the NBA scouts who have him in the lottery) but I'll concede Bazz was a better leader on the court---so far. Let's see how things go vs Maryland and Alabama, then we can reassess.
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    Lunardi Disses UCONN's 7

    Guards bring championships. Bouknight is better than Bazz. Cole is as good as Boatright. We have a great chance to get by Maryland and Alabama. Then who knows. (What will we say when Alterique Gilbert takes Wichita State to the Sweet 16?)
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    Archie Miller out at Indiana

    None of the above +250
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    Interesting Vegas Lines

    When the matchups are announced I try to predict what the Vegas lines will likely be. It's interesting how often the real line surprises. Often its name bias, or not understanding the strength of some lesser known teams. Examples that were surprising to me this year: 8 LSU v 9 St Bonaventure...
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    Hurley will never take UConn to the next level

    Whaley played great, as did Sonobo. The rest of the guys were spotty. Martin and Gaffney took some wild shots. We didn’t rebound well. And Bouknight had a miserable night, missing quite a few of his normally easy shots. On to bracket Sunday.
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    Georgetown wins

    Villanova was the better team. They missed 8 free throws. Georgetown missed none. End of story.
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    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    We can all have our opinions of the chemistry of this years team and it’s ability to compete and win. More important is the opinion of the players on their chances for success—and while it’s predictably positive, it’s also sober and mature...
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    Game Strategy

    —-We needed Polley to step up in the 2nd half, especially since Villanova is the worst team in the BE defending the three. Polley needs to catch and shoot, instead of hesitating and passing to a less proficient shooter. ——We need to make our foul shots. Period. —-Refs have to be more attentive...

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