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    Tyrese Martin is key

    Martin stepped up on D, drove Cale nuts and anyone else he helped on. Had a couple tough boards too which led to points. Would love to see points out of him but he was a big part of the win last night no matter.
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    Hypothetically speaking. If we were to win out, including the Big East tournament, what seed would we be?

    Crazy truth is he got away with 2 fouls on the play he was hurt, while being backed down one on one. Feel bad kicking him while he’s down but it’s true watch the play. If they blew the whistle like they should maybe the play never happens.
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    Syracuse is screwed

    Might be a fun round 1 game for the NCAA in their minds.
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    Gillespie with a nasty knee injury

    Hope it’s not that bad but admittedly didn’t look good! Hope he’s ok feel for him.
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    Wishing Coach Calhoun a Speedy Recovery

    Get well Coach JC. Happy summer on the links!
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    Who guards Mamu?

    Good point especially since they treat him like Jordan. Need minutes out of Andre.
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    New Jersey connection runs deep with UConn men

    I could be wrong on all of them. Without looking it up I thought Blucher was from close to Syracuse and when he made a couple big FTs there in an upset at the Dome it meant a lot. But my mind is a terrible thing to waste!
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    New Jersey connection runs deep with UConn men

    Chris Fleming, Brian Buckelew, Richie Ashmeade maybe?
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    CBB season is almost over

    Is your son as big as you now? Saw you in the driveway the other day with another guy after walking my pup but couldn't swing by for a quick hello as I was on a teleconference. One of these days lol.
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    Seton Hall 3/3 - anyone else get tickets?

    Yeah i know you will, but Danny keep the guys out of foul trouble tomorrow night please.
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    Joe Lunardi now has us as one of the last four in

    Huskers leading scorer left the program and didn’t play but they still hammered RU in what should’ve been a huge game for the Scarlet Knights. Should be last 4 in with a lot to prove.
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    Seton Hall 3/3 - anyone else get tickets?

    6:30 FS1 I do believe!
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    Michigan St and Dook go down

    Agree and not sure it is at all deserved. We will see. But not counting the fact they were beaten by Minnesota by 25, Iowa and Rutgers each by 30 and most importantly yesterday in a game that would have put them on the right side of the bubble, threw a complete dud and were fully hammered by a...
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    Michigan and Martelli

    Martelli is doing a great job for Michigan and Howard. Howard is learning from a really knowledgeable career HC and seems to be getting better himself. They have some really nice pieces on that team, most importantly the 2 newest starters in Smith from Columbia/Ivy and Dickinson the freshman who...
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    Golf Simulator?

    I don’t think they do or at least the ones we visit. Oakwood in Glastonbury is nice we played StAndrews on the large curved screen it’s very cool. But no way are the yards measured consistent or correct. Still fun and it’s winter so just nice to swing. We have a tee time at Shenny Thursday...
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