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    Who Guards Aari McDonald or What Defense does Geno Come Up With.

    Christyn on McDonald, with the whole team helping is the way to go. I personally would shut her down and force the other players to score. They are not an offensive team. She had half of their points tonight and had 31 of their 74 against A&M. Force the others to win the game.
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    Baylor Postgame Thread

    Very physical game. It is a shame that all people will say is how there was no foul called on that last play. Like many other posters already have said, how about the many non-calls Baylor got away with all game? Those pictures above of Carrington pulling Paige's jersey and shorts show the type...
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    If NOT UConn, then I prefer...

    I honestly would like the asteroid ☄️option, but I voted for Stanford. They have an amazing team and I honestly thought coming into the tournament it would be either UConn or them to win it all. Though their game last night gives me slight pause since Oklahoma State was able to make it a...
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    Refs and Announcers

    The officiating was inconsistent. I feel as though we see this more and more as the years go on. I get the screening rule, but apply it consistently throughout the game to both teams. They let it go for stretches and then decide to get foul happy at times. It is definitely frustrating and we are...
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    Thank you. I did not realize you had stated that elsewhere. My apologies.
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    Wondering if anyone knows why Shea wasn’t at the game? Hopefully nothing serious!
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    face-off of all-time greats; who ya got?

    That is so tough... Team 1 - frontcourt is the weakest, but Yolanda Griffith has attitude to compliment DT and Coop and does not back down from anyone. Also, she is severely underrated. Having the two best guards of all time in DT and Coop? That’s awfully tough, especially with that swagger they...
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    June 2020 UCONN recruiting thread

    In regards to the height discrepancies we often see in women’s basketball: I am 5’10.5” with shoes (5’9.5” without) - I have met many UConn players over the years when they have played at Louisville and Cincinnati. I have stood next to Tiffany Hayes and Kalana Greene - both were listed at 5’10”...
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    2020-2021 Schedule

    Thank you for all of the info everyone! Especially Huskies990411 - the listing definitely helped
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    2020-2021 Schedule

    I just realized I omitted Tennessee from the road games...oops.
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    2020-2021 Schedule

    Assuming we have a season, what does the OOC (Out of Conference) schedule look like? Away - Virginia, Baylor (?), Notre Dame, Oregon (?) Home - South Carolina Neutral - Quinnipiac, Mississippi State (likely) Any other games known to be on the schedule?
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    Relax on Azzi

    Does anyone know who the other schools Azzi is considering to play for happen to be? I know pretty anyone and everyone is recruiting her - I just haven’t been able to find a list anywhere I have looked at.
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    Caitlin Clark

    Maybe I missed the thread, but did anyone post about Caitlin Clark committing to Iowa over Notre Dame? I looked at Hoopgurlz 2020 rankings just now and saw Iowa beside her name. Did anyone else see that?
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    WNBA Jerseys

    Thank you! That definitely helps me :)
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    WNBA Jerseys

    I hope everyone is doing well - I have a question about WNBA jerseys - does anyone know any other place online besides the WNBA Store to purchase them? I have started to collect the UConn players in the league, but am now stuck - I have Dee, Sue, Stewie, Moriah, Morgan, and Tiffany, but cannot...
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