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    Uconn will be BAD FOR BASKETBALL next year!

    Heytherego-that is a great question! Again, IF Azzi is a good as advertised (and she sure looks it in videos) she may very well be the 2nd best player on the team on Day one next year and if that is the case she will start. If I had to guess who she would replace it would be Evina (who I love...
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    Uconn will be BAD FOR BASKETBALL next year!

    Jordy-I love your comments but I have to say, after you state you don't believe Azzi will start at the beginning of the season, you mention in great detail all of her All-World talents. As good as Uconn will be next year, and I think they will be absolutely unbeatable, I find it hard to believe...
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    Select your team ....

    Diana, Stewie, Dolson, Tuck, Renee
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    How will the minutes be distributed to all players next season?

    Of course no one, including Geno and staff, have any idea about where the minutes will go next year but it sure is fun speculating about it. Last year so much was debated on Paige starting/not starting. There may have been ore or two people out there that made the call that she would lead the...
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    OT: Geno's Restaurant

    If the timing is right we hit it for dinner before evening games-the lasagna is amazing. Can't wait to get back in there in November before just before our women begin a season to be remembered!!!!
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    What section are you in for the game?

    Passed up heading to FF this year because of Covid and honestly because I thought with reduced attendance it wouldn't be as much fun to be at the games. I hope I'm wrong on the second front Newhavenhusky-but please do report on BY what the viewing experience is down at the Alamodome:)
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    Renee Montgomery Guest Segments on A Little Late with Lilly Singh

    Just when you think you can't love a Uconn player more, they graduate and grow and grow and grow as just incredible people! We see this again and again but it never ceases to amaze me!!
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 6 (Iowa) Predictions

    Huskies 93-69 Caitlyn gets scoring bragging rights over Paige; Paige and her team mates get to play again:)
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    Ayanna Patterson and Confessions from a Borderline Dunker....

    Been watching videos of Ayanna dunking and I'm absolutely blown away. I'm convinced she will be the first Uconn women's player to throw one down in a game, and yes, it will count for exactly two points, the same as a layup. But it will make a bunch of us jump out of our seats and let's face it...
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 4 (High Point) Predictions

    Huskies 107-41; 7 Huskies in double digits; Paige with 11 the first half
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    AP All-American Team Interview

    All the women represented themselves well, and this could be a total homer comment, but seemed to me that even in this group, Paige came across as a leader. Again, all the women were very impressive!
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