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    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    There will probably be a new rule that transfers to Big East teams that finished in the Elite 8 or better have to sit out 2 years before being eligible to play.
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    OT: UCONN Women's Basketball

    I’m not responsible for the actions of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade and it’s commander. Thank goodness.
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    OT: UCONN Women's Basketball

    It’s HuskyBill. How could I forget? 😟 He was a treasure. @ThisJustIn still honors Bill in her avatar.
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    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn
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    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    More from this year
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    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    More - mined out of Google, again complete only through the end of her sophomore year
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    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    She’s been nearly obliterated from tOSU website but found a couple nuggets. These are from last year
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    Dorka Juhasz transferring to UConn

    She’s wearing #14 in this photoshopped photo. Now we have to measure her height in Hartley units. Welcome Dorka!
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    Shea Ralph possibly taking Vandy Job?

    Very classy indeed.
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    OT: UCONN Women's Basketball

    We have lost a number of long time posters: HuskyBill Wonkster Olde Coach Big Ed LaserT speedoo Ruffian HuskySlim JumpinJackFlash As for the fans of other teams, some have been here longer than most UConn fans - @CamrnCrz1974 @bbsamjj @KnightBridgeAZ @Orangutan @Boxerpups4me others whose...
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    Paige at Point Guard a la Caitlin

    You know, it’s the off-season and someone has suggested a basketball topic for discussion. I think it’s great that people are presenting differing opinions so that Boneyarders can, you know, talk basketball a little longer. That’s why the board is here. No need to be so dismissive because...
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    What is up with Cuse?

    The Quinnipiac athletic facility is at the top of a hill and unprotected from the wind. I went to a hockey game there and nearly froze between the parking lot and the building. Of course, the building was cold because of the ice. I had a chill in my bones for 24 hours after that game. Good...
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    BY Census: What’s your age?

    A poster named @zymurg said a decade ago he was “older than dirt”. He’s still around - what does he say now?

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