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    #11 Mississippi vs #3 Tennessee - 3/05/21

    2 big takeaways for me in this game. 1. Coach Yo has Ole Miss on the uprise. If she can recruit she will keep them out of the SEC cellar. She has a great attitude and personality. Kids will wanna play for that. 2. Tennessee will be in trouble next season when Davis leaves. They will...
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    #3 UCLA vs #2 Arizona - 3/05/21

    UCLA is impressive to me because it’s not like they have a team of superstars yet they continue to win. Close doesn’t get enough credit for what she works with to get the results. Oneywere and Osborne are clearly their scoring leaders but everyone just plays their role perfectly.
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    #3 UCLA vs #2 Arizona - 3/05/21

    Is it me or does Aari try and do too much? I don’t just mean scoring.
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    Ayana Patterson 2022 #3 Ranked Player UConn in Final 5

    I still think it’s ND or possibly Indiana. I will happily eat crow if she commits to the Huskies
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    #7 Baylor @ Texas - 3/01/21

    Also. Keep an eye on the offensive fouls on Baylor. Noticed how Texas did that to OU. Some are obvious flops. Game plan? Maybe!
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    #7 Baylor @ Texas - 3/01/21

    Just had a thought....... Collier declares for draft and Jessika Carter transfers to Texas to pick where she left off with Vic and Johnnie. You heard it here first 😂😂
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    #7 Baylor @ Texas - 3/01/21

    I think Baylor wins but Im wondering if Vic wont put up a good fight at home and after a loss to unranked OU. It would be fitting for how the season has gone if Texas wins. I doubt Collier does much. Baylor has size and athleticism and she doesn't typically do well against those teams...
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    Who is #5 in the Pac 12?

    Looks like the Pac12 Coaches had the top5 pretty much spot on but after that its a jumble. Big year for the Cougars of WSU. PAC 12 Preseason Post season 1 Stanford Stanford 2 Arizona Arizona 2 Oregon UCLA 4 UCLA Oregon 5 Oregon State Oregon State 6 USC Colorado 7 ASU...
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    Interesting to see Preseason (Coaches) poll vs how the season played out. Pretty even except Georgia overperformed and Mississippi State under performed and Kentucky as well. SEC Preseason Post Season 1 South Carolina TAMU 2 Kentucky South Carolina 3 TAMU Tennessee 4...
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    Latest committee top 16

    Agreed. Kentucky and Arizona have been the ones I have been scratching my head the most. I don't know what is going on with Oregon. If the NCAA does true seeding since there wont be any geography I am looking for some massive upsets. Mostly because its going to be hard to seed these...
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    Latest committee top 16

    Dont really know much at this point as conference tourney's can change things up. What I personally know at this point is: Arizona will be a 3/4 seed. Kentucky should fall out of top 16 or just squeak in (unless a great showing in SECT) Louisville should move up to the 2 line with the Arizona...
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    For those who don't read the UConn recruiting thread - Caroline Ducharme

    For those height obsessed folks Caroline's sister is listed at 6'1 on the Brown roster. Ashley Ducharme - Women's Basketball - Brown University Athletics (
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    Latest committee top 16

    I think it’s more about the losses. NC State DID beat South Carolina BUT they also lost to 2 unranked teams (one without Cunane). To me that’s the difference.
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    Missouri @ Mississippi St - 2/28/21

    I feel bad for these State fans and players. They were ranked preseason as a top team in the SEC and nationally. I know it’s a new coach but they have quality players. Should be better than this.
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    #17 Kentucky @ #2 South Carolina - 2/21/21

    South Carolina will be on a mission and out for blood after the Tennessee loss. Gamecocks by at least 10
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