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    Somebody is getting fired

    I read somewhere that she was starting to say Knicks and finished with Lakers... So it came out sounding like the slur. Still not a great look, but better than anything malicious
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    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Because it was unimaginably creepy.
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    OT: Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    I recommend "Kobe Doin Work" to anyone with an hour of free time. Spike lee movie of a kobe game, with him discussing all his decisions over the film after the game. Brilliant snapshot into the mind of a great
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    OT: Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash

    Seeing it reported in a few places. RIP Kobe. A legend forever
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    58-55 Hero Ball

    Make that 5/22 and 1/13 from deep.
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    58-55 Hero Ball

    The play of the game is 3/18 from our starting backcourt. I do not understand why these guys continue to jack up shots. Do what you do well--rebound, steals, press break, FTs--and let the underclassmen score from deep. It's obvious that's the kind of night this is going to be but they wont adapt.
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    AG criticizing

    Say whatever you want on the yard. Criticism is part of what comes with this sport, even at lower levels. Leave him alone on social media. It's pretty simple.
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    So who is our best player so far?

    Probably vital in terms of production and consistency. Akok if we think of the flashes of brilliance. No one has been great though.
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    1-7 and 6

    3/11 from the field too. At a certain point, he needs to stop dribbling through double teams. I know physically he isn't what he used to be. But these mental errors ALL SEASON are correctable. He doesn't seem to care about fixing it though.
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    TRCMBB vs Thornlea SS(Javonte Brown-Fergeson)

    Canada plays FIBA rules, so no offensive interference. Just an fyi
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    RJ Cole Expectations

    Because he averaged 24/4/6 on fantastic 3 pt shooting. And he was on a bad team in a bad conference. If he wants to play professionally at the highest level he needed to transfer
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    RJ Cole Expectations

    12/2/5 37% from 3. 40% from the field. 4 TOs per game early, but he settles down by mid-season as he adjusts to the pace of the high major game. Defense just okay--not sure the athleticism is there. 2pt%, TOs and defense will be important for him. He was a really had finisher at Howard. The...
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    RB Poll Question

    Great player and person. Not huskies of honor great
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    2022 Recruiting: Justice Williams Offered

    Tbh not really. These guys are on campus for every session all year. Getting the 124 credits for any normal degree or something is a piece of cake. If they go the science route, the labs can male it tougher--one of the reasons Emeka was so abnormal. Especially considering the amount of academic...
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    I am going into this game knowing we will lose. Nova is too skilled for us. a WIN for the program is if we battle for 40 minutes, show some execution on offense, and string together decent defensive stops.