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    Job posting (no joke, guys)

    Ah Fish that would be the regulator's job...
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    OT: Tiger Woods

    That doesn't always work out for the best either ala Princess Diana and Kobe Bryant
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    Three of his fouls were on attempted blocks. Where are our bigs?
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    Gillespie push-offs

    On the second or third shoulder shove Kemba would have been laying in the second row laughing his arse off!
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    He is already taking a bigger role defensively but he needs a lot of work on that shot
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    Gillespie push-offs

    RJ flopped once in the second half when I think Thomas backed him down and got the O foul. RJ needs a little Kemba in him to get those calls
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    Are you worried about Akok?

    He clearly is not ready defensively. I think Danny wants to put him in a position to succeed. A game like today where every defensive possession is critical is not ideal. We are in the heart of the season and there are no cupcakes on the schedule. No blowouts. It is going to be tough to get...
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    Nova Scouting Report

    No Jackson on Gillespie
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    No fans at MSG for BET

    You can’t handle a trainful of us!!
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    Dre V Bouk

    Toolzie that’s great!!! The fact that both started from the 3 pt line got me thinking
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    Jim Christian out @ Boston College

    My daughter went there and they certainly have a fan base. Hockey is their sport though and you wouldn't want to mix it up with my 9 year old twin Grandson's on who owns the Beanpot!!! They like football but more for the tailgates. BC alums still reflect on BC/AD or Boston College after Doug...
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    Will Whaley consider returning?

    Meant 5 guys not %
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    Will Whaley consider returning?

    % guys in the top 20 defensive rating for the worst team in the BE and none for the best team in the BE. One for the good guys - hmmm
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    What’s the updated starting 5 tonight

    I also would like to see AJ on Colin Gillespie.
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