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    Hawaii Honeymoon Advice

    Ive been to all except Molokai. Definitely Kauai or Maui. Kauai has great hiking for different levels.. If I go again I would book the overnight camping permit to Kalalau Beach. 11 miles each direction. Phenomenal. Kauai also has my favorite beach I've ever been to and I've been to a ton...
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    Donovan Clingan commits to UConn

    Who else do we want the most / likely to get?
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    New Black Uniforms

    Fab five shorts are awful. Too much fabric.
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    That was a hell of a basketball game

    Says the dude with the Uconn football pic... tool..
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    That was a hell of a basketball game

    Virginias Run last time was pretty epic, but for a single game.. that was the best... I'm tearing up it was so good..
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    Illinois getting worked over by Loyola

    Loyola is a 3 seed playing as an 8. Not fair for them or Illinois. I have them in the final four.
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    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    You're not reading it correctly. It wouldnt be a hackathon because if you were fouled yould get a free throw and the keep the ball. Its totally different than the big east 6 foul rule. There would be less fouls especially at the end of games. It would eliminate all intentional fouls.
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    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    A Proposition for new rules for Fouls in the NBA. A goal for the new rules is to accomplish several things that would improve the competitiveness, fairness and balance in the NBA. FOULING OUT: -The best players on the court should not be disqualified for receiving 6 fouls. We want the best...
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    Brendan Adams Graduating in May

    If he's graduated it wouldn't be considered transferring.
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    "He's the best athlete I've ever seen in person."

    Yeah dude.. he never said next year..
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    Biggest difference to me so far

    The team is just tougher, they play harder, smarter and they're better in shape. Thats all.
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    OT: What are the best 2,020 songs ever written ?

    What is that song about?
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    Ray Allen Looks Forward to UConn's Return to Big East

    I used to hoop here. Some decent games..
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    The end for Will Wade (maybe Sean Miller too)?

    Well, it's a professional sport. Money's gonna find a way if there's value.
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    Did you ever meet a celebrity that acted like a jerk?

    Giselle is super nice. I worked with her a bunch before she got together with Tom. We were in St Barts and our entire photo crew was supposed to go out to dinner but me and Giselle were the only ones who showed up.. so I had a nice romantic dinner with her.
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