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We got a little better tonight

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Aug 28, 2011
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The competition stunk. But for most of the second half we were over 60% on offense, that's pretty decent even against air. Guys looks like they knew their roles. No one pressed except a little by Cassell and the Ferrari but that is how they need to play to keep their edge.

If they play like this they tear Yale apart as they should. The ceiling is still pretty high.
Dec 21, 2014
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EXACTLY. We got a little better. The first 8 minutes were very, very bad and they almost looked asleep, but they did what they needed to do on D and played smart, controlled offense and just picked USF apart. Omar's confidence is clearly helping a ton, which not only helps the scoreboard, but takes pressure off boat/purv/dham who have an extra outlet.

One thing I am starting to notice about the team is how different they play D than last year. Without having the boat/bazz combination to get under guards and prevent them from even getting into their offense we are using our athletic advantage at the 1-3 to smother any potential open looks. As amazing as it was to watch the Harrison's/Wilbekien/Harris/Valentine come up the floor and be halted 10 feet outside the 3-point line unable to advance and see countless possessions end in either a steal from boat/bazz, a long/contested jumper or a poor decision forced because a non-ball handler had to do something, this years might be more smothering when its "on". Boat cannot obviously play 36 minutes, be the leading scorer and play lock down D (at least not without some serious performance enhancers), but the athleticism we have 1-5 means absolutely no open looks. Brimah's presence means guys can be ultra-aggressive on the outside. If they get past the guards which is a chore in itself, they're either going at an eraser or are forced to throw it back outside, by which time we have already recovered and the offense starts over. A lot of things have to go right for it to get to that level, but if that type of D becomes the norm, look out.

I know this is far from revolutionary, but it is interesting to see how the defense has evolved in response to the changes in personnel.
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