We Don’t Need This Drum Beat

Dec 18, 2017
Maybe on the planet you guys inhabit schools like Wisconsin and Washington and USC and Virginia Tech and Stanford and Texas A&M and Georgia and plenty of others aren’t relevant but that seems a bit contradictory to what happens on TV.

If you only care about who wins the NC you’ve been following the wrong sport all along.
Fair point Whaler
Sep 1, 2011
This is total unadulterated BS. Instead of asking the hard questions such as: How it is that college football became a story haves and have nots? What dynamics are at work to make college football loose competitive parity? What are the impacts of networks, big money and anticompetitive conference and bowl alliances?

Instead, it’s time to start thinning heard. It’s like telling a starving person it’s their fault for not eating more food.
Heard what?