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Aug 26, 2011
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It seems to me that nothing could have stopped the insanity of coast to coast conference realignment. In my post on 8/18 this year, I alluded to the rumor in ACC territory that the move was on and UConn was mentioned prominently in the transition to the ACC along with other Big East schools. In the Carolinas they have their ear to the ground, and as much as I am disappointed about it, now the reality has set in, and the Big East is a primary target, once again.

To me this is just another series of disappointments, but perhaps, something good will come about as a result.

First disappointment: I wanted Penn State in the league, but the Big Ten was a good fit and a good move for them.

Second disappointment: I wanted Notre Dame to come into the BE in football. Posters in the Boneyard said I was crazy to think they would give up a TV contract, which was correct. ND was the losers, however, because they have nothing to compete for in football except the national championship, which they will never again win as an independent, and with self-imposed recruiting regulations they have established.

If they would have kept the TV contract, and entered the BE, they could would have had plenty of room on their schedule for Stamford, Big Ten Schools, and other favorites. They would have had a Miami, VA Tech, Pitt and WVA as others they have played in the past. The BE winner gets a BCS bid, too. I hope they wind up scrounging for a schedule for their other sports programs, but I guess that isn't very "Christian". I guess this really doesn't matter anymore, anyway.

Third disappointment: The loss of the BE tournament at MSG and the loss of local games to attend. I could never get a hoop ticket to a game at Storrs, but SJU, SH, RU, and Nova were close enough to attend both men and women's games. This will probably vanish with the realignment.

Big Football is driving the bus. There is nothing any of us can do. So far the NCAA has proven itself to be the worthless, too. I guess it is just a sign of the times, and I hope that things wind up the best for UConn.
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