OT: Very obscure show: Undergrads (2001)

Dec 6, 2016
I posted this on my fbook too, but any way...

I think Undergrads will only appeal to a very small age demographic, maybe the folks who are now 30 to 35 years old. Maybe I am wrong though.

Undergrads came out late in my sophomore year at highschool in 2001 but I did not discover it until late in my senior year 2003 one Saturday night when I was staying up late watching all sorts of re-runs on comedy central. It might not be "the best" show but it holds a special place in my heart as I watched a few episodes before going to UNI and continued to watch the few episodes I missed at home during xmas break of my freshman year (Dec. 2003/Jan. 2004) and later on in my junior year (2006) while home for summer break, again, late at night. This show kind of went along with my progression through college and it is cool to rediscover the show in 2018, and, at the same time relive my UNI years. Anyone who graduated HS/went to UNI for their freshmen year in the early 2000s likely has at least a slight recollection of the show. Pity it lasted just one season and 13 episodes but at the same time, perhaps what makes it so special and so unique to people in their early 30s. And no, I do not really even identify with the theme song, at all. I would include this on my personal top 75 shows of all time. Perhaps not cracking top 50, but still.

I think the show has hit cult status so I am wondering if anyone remembers this show. If not, what are some other under rated shows that lasted a season or less?