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Aug 29, 2011
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I'm not too sure about that. If I were playing in the BBall state title game, I think I would rather play it at 1/4 full Gampel Pavilion than a full Detrick Gymnasium. There's just a different feel to playing on a big boy court/field.
They actually play them at Mohegan Sun now, I believe. As far as where these things are played, 2300 in the Rent isn't anywhere near a quarter full. It's about 5% full. As I said I think the coaches and especially parents care most about the venue. The players care about the game. But maybe that's just me. I never saw a serious competitor who cared about the location more than the competition. But I haven't coached any teams in a few years, so maybe kids have changed.
Sep 20, 2011
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I can agree with a lot of what you're getting at. Looking at it from UConn's standpoint, though... UConn basically gets a free visit day to the locker rooms, the field with the lights, crowd, albeit small, for some of the best football players in the state. Tell me that doesn't do a little something for a kid to even take the field and imagine 20k in the stands, another 10k on the concourse and the other 10k of their classmates still drinking in the parking lot at kickoff? Seriously though I think it might add to the aura of the next level that is UConn for some of these kids who are being recruited.

I get it. All valid points and I don't disagree. And in my quote I did say from a player perspective it's great to play in that stadium. The fact that it doesn't hurt UConn to have these guys play in their stadium isn't lost on me. I'll add this - for a whole bunch of these players, they won't play at a D-1 school and this may be their only chance to play at such a venue so why not give them this experience? So I'm not against it. My only point was that as a spectator it just to seem to be more of an electric atmosphere when the stands are packed at a smaller venue. I've seen HS games all over the state, as well as @ The Rent. Football is football to me, they can have the games pretty much anywhere and I'll go.
Aug 27, 2011
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To play a little devils advocate, Brown didn't always outrun the defense. Only players that I can remember that rarely got tackled from behind in the open field during their whole career at UConn were LT, TC and NW

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Only one I remember was in the international bowl where he got dragged down inside the five. But he also ran the ball like 90 times so maybe he was tired.

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