UConn Police Now Wearing Body Cameras

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    UConn Police dealing with cost of body cameras

    The University of Connecticut Police Department, as well as other agencies around the state, have been wearing body cameras since early July in compliance with a new law, however some have already had problems with video storage.

    Police in Berlin, Conn. have stopped using body cameras because of storage, the Associated Press reported.

    The cost for storing the footage for 90 days instead of 60, which the department was doing before, was too much of an expense. The footage could even be stored up to four years if the footage was being used as evidence in a case, Berlin PD Chief Paul Fitzgerald told the AP.

    This problem is seen not only in Connecticut, but also in other states with similar laws and programs such as Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan, the AP reported.

    During the pilot program earlier this year, when seven UCPD officers wore body cameras, there were no problems with storage. However, storage may become a problem in the future.

    “We didn’t run into any problems in the pilot program,” Chief Hans Rhynhart said earlier this year. “We made several adjustments to our operational needs as far as looking into how long battery life lasts, what type of policies inside the department we needed to adj
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    Storage is dirt cheap now, both cloud and physical. Using "storage" as an excuse is a protypical "cop-out"

    UCPD is a freaking joke and I won't be surprised when footage goes missing or is "accidentally deleted"