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UC/Xavier Joint Email to Fans

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Aug 27, 2011
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Got this in my UC mailbox - if any of you are interested:

Letter from UC & Xavier Student Body Presidents


Alan Hagerty [hagertan@mail.uc.edu]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 4:03 PM

This joint-message is sent on behalf of Alan Hagerty, Student Body President at the University of Cincinnati, and Ryan Alleman, Student Body President at Xavier University.

In response to the incident at Saturday's Crosstown Shootout, we would like to release the following statement on behalf of the student bodies of UC and Xavier.

We each represent outstanding academic institutions, as well as our fine City of Cincinnati. In that spirit, we must look beyond the emotions surrounding Saturday's game. Both universities take the events that occurred in the final seconds of the game very seriously; these incidents not only reflect poorly on those involved, but upon our student bodies, our universities, and the extended university communities.

As representatives elected by our student bodies, we both affirm that the incident on Saturday afternoon cannot be tolerated, and is not reflective of the best ideals of either university or our student communities. Both UC and Xavier are nationally recognized universities with long traditions of academic excellence.

Our universities set the highest of standards which we, as students, must aspire to meet. Students at our universities are committed to learning, both in and out of the classroom. We continue to grow and mature, every day, on our journey toward graduation. Together, we call upon our student communities to put their learning into action and serve as examples for their fellow peers. All students, not just student-athletes, are called to high standard of sportsmanlike conduct.

As students, we have one ultimate purpose: obtain a world-class education. We all seek this purpose together; we are all part of one city. Now more than ever, while the spotlight is still on us, we must let our deeds match our true mission.

Very Sincerely,

Alan Hagerty
Student Body President
University of Cincinnati

Ryan Alleman
Student Body President
Xavier University
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