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Tulsa Post Game Thoughts

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This was a brutal loss but not a huge RPI hit as Tulsa is a solid team and will make the NCAA tournament. Now, this team's slow starts are becoming an every game occurrence and for the first 10 minutes we played some ugly high school basketball out there looking very slow and lethargic as well. Tulsa's players were flying around and playing with a lot of passion and energy. The guards were completely off and were getting blown by to the rim like they were chairs. This is making a trip to the NCAA tournament unlikely without winning the conference tournament.

Kevin Ollie needs to wake up and call a time out when you see that in the first minute of the game like Jim Calhoun used to do. Players need tough love and need to be yanked from the game if not performing. His love fest with the Buick is a main problem for this team's lackadaisical play in the first of games as well as inept offense with the guards moving the ball around the perimeter for 30 seconds the hoisting a contest shot at the rim. Inside out through Amida is the only way were going to be succesful this year. Omar needs to be a starter immediately.
Player breakdowns:

Boat--- did not play well and concerning that he is not showing leadership and fortitude in several games so far this year. He needs to play much better and play with a hunger. 8 points on 3-10 shooting in almost 40 minutes won't cut it.

Amida-- was very good with 11 points and 4 rebounds in 27 minutes and would have been the difference maker if not for some little fouls and Ollie's refusal to play inside out despite the effectiveness of our starting bigs.

T-Sam-- Probably his best game in limited minutes this year and showed a hunger in the second half missing from most of the team. He is getting better and more solid as point guard every game.

D-Ham-- He had a nice stat sheet recording 16 pts and 12 rebounds but needs to play smart out there and shoot at a better percentage. He is a good creator with the ball and the role of point forward suits him and the team.

Purvis--- He was his usual self: a tease. Driving recklessly with nowhere to go and bricking two free throws. He was getting completely manhandled by Woodard from Tulsa and picking up fouls.People comparing him to Dyson are off as Jerome was a better player as a sophomore, more aggressive, and had better basketball instincts. He is best suited as a sixth man for the year.

Rakim--- Other than Brimah, he is the best defender on the team. He has good instincts and closes out well to open shooters. Why Nolan played more minutes than Lubin last night is beyond me.
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