Trouble in the WCHA

Mar 24, 2012
Oddly funny and sad at the same time. The WCHA at this time is a leftover conference consisting of all the schools that were left behind when the Big Ten schools formed their own hockey conference, the the NCHA was formed in response to that. The remaining western schools that were left out these conferences banded together under the old WCHA banner. They are mainly small schools, with only Bowling Green playing other NCAA Division 1 sports. Now those schools are having their own reorganization, and in forming their own conference kicking out any school that is not in Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio. No doubt it greatly cuts down on travel expenses not to have to travel to Alaska or Alabama for conference games. Still, it's a bit sad to see the Alaska schools being pushed aside like this in college hockey. Also, it looks like once again Alabama-Huntsville has to go the independent route for now.

This all kind of reminds me when the Mountain West Conference teams split away from the Western Athletic Conference.