Tiresome I Know: Geno Longs For Big East

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    Somebody has got to do it.

    "Does this make me miss the old Big East?" UConn coach Geno Auriemma said, repeating the question that was asked. "I don't want to throw any stones at anybody, but it's ironic that the two best teams in the ACC were teams that used to be in our league. So I'm kind of proud of that, proud that two teams that we had so many great games with ... Some of the games we had with Louisville were classics. And obviously the Notre Dame games were classics. To see them doing what they're doing in that league further illustrates just how good the Big East was."

    In the final season of the old Big East, three of its teams reached the 2013 NCAA Final Four -- UConn, Louisville, and Notre Dame. There are also those who believe that if a couple of calls had gone South Florida's way in overtime and the Bulls had beaten California in the second round, USF would have taken the path the Golden Bears took to New Orleans and made it a Big East Final Four.

    "And I miss the characters, too. We don't have coaches in our league like Jeff, thank God," Auriemma added with a smile. "Did you see how far he walks down to halfcourt? I looked at him and went, 'Where are you going?' I was complaining about the one kid and he started arguing with me. Like I'm trying to talk to the ref and he's arguing with me. Man, some things never change. We used to do that crap all the time when we were in the same league."

    UConn-Louisville stirs Big East memories

    PS. Drink wine with Geno next Monday night. That is there too. Plus this team will be the first with 4 1500+ scorers. Check it out.
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    I miss the old Big East too. Why oh why couldn’t the power five be determined by the quality of basketball?
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    Quite honestly, while I miss the old Big East as it was, I'm tired of all the Big East talk. It ain't coming back as I knew it; I put it to bed when I watched "Requiem for the Big East" once & only was a nice funeral....
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    I remember one year when the Big East was 9-0 after the first round.When you consider some of the long term records that Uconn has,such as not losing two games in a row since 1993 and their many and various other streaks that were against not only some terrific teams but many teams that were very physical,especially on their home courts. Uconn faced a lot of teams that totally beat them up in an attempt to pull off an upset.Players used to comment about all the green nail polish embedded in various places under their skin after playing N.D. Yet players came and went and there are records that started long ago,that are still active today even though Uconn played in a league that had as many as eight opponents in the top 30-35 in the country that they played twice each along with very worthy ooc games. Remarkable and almost unbelievable success.

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    Kia 1,542 and counting. Lou 1,515 and 1+ years to go, Gabby 1,436 and counting, and Pheesa 1,404 with 1+ years to go. Both Gabby and Pheesa should pass 1,500 early in the NCAA Tournament if not sooner.
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    I miss the Big East affiliation for Notre Dame for one major reason: I could drive to three schools in less than one hour (Seton Hall, Rutgers and St. John's on weekends) and one in just an hour+ (Villanova) to see a game, usually in women's hoops and soccer and guy's lacrosse (I played club for the Irish for a few years). In particular I got to see that ND championship team three times and marvel at the shooting machine that Alicia Ratay was, the rebounding of Kelly Siemon and, of course, the overall ability of Ruth Riley.

    Due to the wonders of internet streaming, I can now see virtually all the games, but nothing beat going down to Seton Hall's Walsh Gymnasium and hanging over the balcony hearing Muffet implore Niele to "just get to Ruth. Now." Well, some things have not changed...MM and Niele now tell their guards (we have no actual pgs, as most know) to "get the ball to Shep."
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