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Thoughts on first exhibition game

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Aug 27, 2011
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Watched a replay of the game posted by one of our forum members and this is pretty much what i took from our first outing.

Nolan still cant finish around the rim,cant handle a pass and showed no improvement other than gaining some weight. A bit disappointed by his performance hopefully he has a better showing in his second outing.

Facey was rebounding anything he got his hands on but looked a bit lost other than that. Showed nothing offensively but i was encouraged by what i saw from him on the boards and he looks like he could turn out to be a pretty solid rebounder and shotblocker for us. with his length and athleticism once he gets comfortable out there hes really going to solidify the 4 spot for us.

Brimah looked great while he was in there and not on the bench with foul trouble. He showed a jump shot which if he hits with consistency could put him in the conversation for conference player of the year. Still saw some of the same mistakes and bad fouls but its only the first real game action hes had coming off shoulder surgery. I expect him to have a break out season thatll put him among the elite players in cbb by march.

Purvis really looked rusty out there. He seems to have little confidence in his jumper and just seem to be doing too much thinking out there. Hes definitely not a true pg although he could fill in there at times but i have to admit im a little concerned about a sg who cant shoot. I know he had good numbers at nc state from 3 but his shot looks questionable. Cant wait to see what hes capable of once he gets his feet under him. Did anyone else think he looks a little too heavy for his size?

Hamilton looked like the real deal. Wow this kid is going to score a ton of points. He moves around so effortlessly and seems to be able to get by his defender anytime he wants. He missed a couple of 3s but those will start falling with regularity which will open things up for him to drive to the basket which is going to cause major headaches for any opposing defenses. Can you say zone killer? How about another word? Special!

Boat started off slow but then turned it out and was terrific! Expect a big year from him that will end up putting him in the first round of the draft. Defensively he was as good as he was in the tourney as he showed no let down whatsoever. He will terrorize opposing backcourts all season. He will be the man we need to hit shots when the offense is struggling and he`ll have to calm things down when things get a little hectic. I think hes up to the task.

Tsam is just fun to watch. The kid defends, plays with energy and is great attacking the basket. Hes not much of a shooter but he can get to the basket with deceptive quickness and creativity. Love this kid and he will be a weapon coming off the bench and will get his minutes even with all the talent ahead of him.

Cassel is going to be solid for us. Love his catch and shoot ability and he seem to have really good chemistry with boat on the court. Hes not quick or very athletic which worries me against quick athletic guards which we could see him struggle against especially on the defensive end. I think his hi iq will help him and he`ll adjust but its a bit concerning and could be what keeps him from starting.

Rock did some good things out there and i was surprised by his agility for such a big kid. I think he`ll give us good minutes off the bench and will rebound against anyone.

Its just one exhibition game and we can only learn so much but with what little i saw i came away with a few things. Right now our best 5 is Brimah,Facey,Ham,Cassell and Boat. Really liked the way they played together and if cassel can defend,Facey rebound and block shots and brimah score in the post and stay out of foul trouble this 5 could be terrific come january.
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