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Thoughts from today

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Aug 26, 2011
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Bazz overall had a great game, though he took two poor shots and had one poor pass at the end of the game. Gambled a bit on defense and got burnt a few times early.

Lamb had a quiet but highly effective offensive game. He had some trouble with the physical nature of FSU. He still looks a bit slow out there, I wonder if his ankle is 100%. Shot that floater again (what a thing of beauty).

Boatshow: fantastic debut, played better than I thought he would. He will have some issues on defense though. He has to be careful of those midcourt screens, the FSU bigs were killing him which really allowed the FSU players to drive the ball more effectively.

Roscoe: played great defense, had some really good rebounds but is not as involved as I would like on offense.

Drummond: great defensive game. Needs to learn to box out and get position on rebounds. He is too big and talented to not get lower and use his ass to carve space.

Olander: horrid shooting game, but hustles.

Oriakhi: I'm a big believer that he has to earn his time back for UConn to be the best it can be. I think he can do it, I hope he feels the same.

Daniels: FSU beat him up and he didn't seem ready for it.

Overall a fun game, but I can't wait for games to be played in a regular gym, that just seemed so odd seeing the game in the arena it was in. I don't know what it looked like from the floor, but it just felt off on TV.

FSU plays very physical ball. The dude who hurt his shoulder was playing sumo (hitting him with open palms, left and right over and over) with Olander every time Olander had the ball. How that wasn't a foul every time I don't know. The FSU defense also did a nice job of sending a third defender on pick and rolls. Bazz and Lamb didn't do a great job of picking that up.

Drummond had 6 blocks but it felt like 10 with the way FSU was looking over their shoulder. That kid is going to be something when he gets the fundamentals down. FTs look better but not quite there yet.


Aug 27, 2011
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Great breakdown....I definitely see the team heading in the right direction. Incremental improvements. AD improved a lot over the time in the Bahamas & RB is a great addition
Sep 3, 2011
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A few thoughts on my end thus far, on the season:

This is not going to be a straight line to the formula of success - JC is going to have to dabble quite a bit to find the right rotation, but by Jan/Feb, he'll solidify. I expect some players getting more time than expected to lose and some that are getting few to get much more. And that experiment really starts now that Mr. Boatright is back.

In looking at box scores thus far in a surprising loss along with many underwhelming wins - we have dominated most of the major stats - FG%, rebounds, blocks. The one stat that has been blatantly poor = plus/minus on turnovers. We are turning the ball over much more than we are turning over the opponent. That starts with the back court.

Too many shots being taken from the backcourt - front court needs to be incorporated more. It's too good not to. AO's frustrations are likely based on the fact he has to share with what is already slim opps in the post. I expect that to be worked on.

The watered down schedule this year may not necessarily be a bad thing. When a team loses it's leader and needs to re-identify, not a bad situation to do so against some weaker competition.

This squad is still a WHIP - no one should have gone into this season thinking it was going to trailblaze out of the gates. It's a team that's built to win in March, not Nov.
Aug 31, 2011
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Great post Ruff. Agree with everything you said. Especially that the building of the team we'll see in March starts now, with the return of Boatright.
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