Thinking back this year, I was very

Aug 26, 2011
impressed with the way the UConn women played the game of basketball. I saw a real team effort and a very challenging game with everything on the line. To be candid, I had expected the team to lose to Louisville. I just thought that they were toO dominant and that who knows what team will show up to play for UConn. This has been a totally different year for Geno and the Team. Very different. What we saw was TRUE GRIT especially from Katie Lou Samuelson and the all of the starting players. I even watched Olivia hold her own defensively and that pleased me aS well.

The future still is unknown about who they will play and how they fare. However, as far as I am concerned, they achieved victory this year no matter the outcome of the next game. Who knows, they may surprise all of us and go all the way. Now that would really be something. Congratulations to the team, Geno, the Coaches and the fans of the UConn Husky Women's basketball program.