The Uncertain Future of the Juco Football Pipeline (SI)

Aug 26, 2011
Long but interesting read for those inclined:

The murky future of the juco football pipeline

>>Over a five-year period, the Powers have catalogued more than 5,700 junior college prospects on their site, nearly 700 of which eventually signed with a program from one of college football’s five major conferences. Junior college football (or juco) remains a lifeline for players who are athletically or academically unfit for FBS football out of high school while serving as a veritable farm system for some of Division I’s heavyweights. Oklahoma has signed 18 junior college players over the last five years, for instance, and Georgia added four alone in its 2019 class. Since 2015, several schools have spent almost an entire signing class’s worth of scholarships on junior college prospects. Kansas tops the list with 41, followed by West Virginia (28), Washington State and Colorado (26 each), Utah (23) and Oklahoma State and Iowa State (22 each). In all, about 800 junior college players join FBS programs each year, with roughly 150 of those signing with the 65 Power 5 teams.<<

>>The geographic location of these programs determine the conferences they most often feed into. The Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC combine to sign nearly 80% of junior college players who join Power 5 teams. No conference is as reliant on jucos as the Big 12, whose 10 teams signed 203 juco players in the last five years compared to the 65 signed by the 14 teams in the ACC.<<

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Mar 12, 2015
There was a thread on this a few months back. It’s a good topic.

I hope JUCO FB survives. My son was a starting punter on a JUCO team. He had grades and test scores good enough for Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, etc. But he had Division II or (probably) Division III football talent. I couldn’t afford private Division III schools like Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX so JUCO was perfect for us. It’s perfect for a lot of kids.
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Aug 30, 2011
ESPN ran a story this morning about cost and availability of insurance is help driving 2 year schools to drop the sport.