The Answer: “No”



Is it 11:11 yet?
Aug 27, 2011
All the Diaco love and breakfast and fish cakes in the world wouldn’t turn his D2 recruits in to a proper D1 roster. Another year of that is a death sentence, too. We’re just splitting hairs on which bullet to use.
What about Diaco with Kill as his OC? I think DB had a good idea to add some experience to Diaco's staff. If Bobby had allowed that, maybe that would have helped recruiting.

I liked RE 1.0. Didn't love the idea of bringing him back, but I understand why they did. I was hopeful RE had evolved with the game. So far, it appears he hasn't. He still whines about "the kids today" and everything that makes it hard to coach today.

The team HAS to show significant progress this year....and so does Randy.
Aug 28, 2011
I'm not sure if we should continue with football. I'm getting to the point that I'd love to see UConn create a men's LAX team. I'm not sure what Connecticut would do with the Rent, but LAX is getting more popular.

I think our dream of big time football got dashed when Randy left and we picked an idiot to replace him. Now Dunn left for the Jets. I'd not blame him if he took a job with the Pats, but the Jets, really.
Aug 26, 2011
You hire a coyote and wonder why it howls into the night? HCRE1.0 was a control freak, got upset if anyone questioned a game plan, strategy or any coaching moves; execution by the players was always an issue up for discussion. Assistant coaches never saw the light of day with the media/public and it was all about "buying into his way". He leaves "in the middle of the night", professes love for the Twerps and proceeds to drive that program into the ground. 1st year his way or the highway, next few years barely stays ahead of the axe until it finally catches him.
Bringing him back and you expect something different? Why would any coach work for him without a job at this level being big step up (or cushion on way down) and have "both" eyes on what's next (looking for a dream job). Like Maryland the 1st few years he has driven UConn to levels of lowness that had not been seen in years, if ever. If he gets UConn to 7-6 for the next 16 years his tenure at UConn will be exactly as a 50% winning record coach.
Why would anyone want to spend the "treasure" to build something in the image of what HCRE2.0 would design as the foundation of the future of UConn football?