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May 23, 2014
I have rarely posted. I really get a lot information from this board, appreciate it and tend not to get carried away with some of the "expert" opinions. I have been running up and down a basketball court for the better part of 50 years as a player and as an official. I've seen a lot of kids up close who have talent and those who think they do. What I see this year with our Huskies is a tale of two with Bouknight and one without. There is no denying this team would have had a better record with Bouknight in the lineup all year. A couple extra free throws would have helped also. Most importantly, they would have been coming together as a unit at this time. Unfortunately that hasn't happened and it's the reason they seem so disjointed at times. I'm confused why Martin still gets so much time and Akok doesn't. I don't believe Martin is a big time player...he giveth but he also taketh away. I believe there is an underlying issue why Akok's minutes are limited because he is a rim protector as well as a presence on the court. I want our Huskies to be at their best for the end run and trust Hurley knows more than us when it comes to his personnel. Let's root hard as they come down home stretch. It's been a crazy year and we could all use a string of victories. History has told us it's been done before so why can't it happen again! Go Huskies!
Aug 27, 2011
Coming off of Achilles surgery, you shouldn’t be expecting Akok to play much this season.

Hurley wants him healthy for next season and doesn’t want to rush him back due to the risk of re-injuring his Achilles.

Also, Martin is a baller. He’s consistently getting a double double or close to it every game. His shooting lacks consistency though but that’s every one our team this season.

I like your enthusiasm but disagree with a lot here
Aug 30, 2011
There is no mystery with Akok, he's coming off a major injury, and then another minor injury. And in that time we've had 3 program shutdowns that certainly have slowed him as well. Hurley has flat out said he's not going to be able to play big minutes this year and we don't know how much we can get from him. So you give him a few minutes a game if he's helping like against Xavier stretch it a little if he's not like most other games you go with other guys. It is what it is but they aren't being overly cautious, him playing at all now is fairly aggressive for that injury.

Plus I mean Hurley watches him every day, he's one of Hurley's biggest recruits and Hurley loves him. If he could play more and contribute more it would be happening.
Aug 17, 2011
Really confused with the OP. Martin has been the most consistent player on the team, besides Bouknight but he's only played half the games. I don't know where this team would be without Martin. They'd have a worse record, I know that. Hopefully next year he's like the 4th best player, which means the team will be a lot better.

Akok just isn't all the way back yet and probably won't be until next year. He's had a few nice moments but watch him closely, he's not nearly ready to be a big contributor. No question the injury is effecting him. Do you think he's looked ready in his limited minutes?

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