Sad story....crash at the Yale Bowl kills 1 injures 3 | The Boneyard

Sad story....crash at the Yale Bowl kills 1 injures 3

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Aug 24, 2011
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I was at that lot today... we were actually heading to the tailgate sponsored by the Grad student Senate, which was one of the 2 Uhauls hit. That was at the back of an area where all the student parties were, you had to show ID to get in (I'm a Yale employee) and they had wristbands for people over 21. It was so packed... we had no idea what had happened about an hour before we went in... so we are making our way through this dense crowd, can't see anything and finally you get there and all of a sudden it's a crimescene with police tape. (I hate to admit this) at first reaction, I thought "ha, somebody's going to have an embarassing conversation with their dad" but then thought "I wonder if anybody got hurt". A little while later somebody in my group asked a cop and he said he thought someone had died. Then we remembered seeing ambulances on the way in.

I didn't get the sense too many people were aware at that time.We went to another tailgate elsewhere in the lot, still not sure of the official word but it was weird to be partying there. Apparently there was an announcement in the stadium at halftime (we got in after that). I don't know but I would wager a lot of people who stayed in the lots were probably unaware, even with smartphones and twitter, etc. Like I said, it was weird the tailgating went on, but if there's a traffic accident on the street on your way to work, everyone just drives around and keeps going. You just hope it's not someone you know, even though you know that's not going to change the fact somebody else lost their loved one.

Sorry for the rambling...
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