Red Sox or Yankees

Aug 31, 2011
Two very good team and it should be a great race. Perhaps for all-time. How do they match up?

Offense - Even. The Yankees have more raw power but the Sox may have better hitting. Either team can light it up.
Defense - Red Sox - best defensive outfield of all time. If Pedroia is healthy, solid infield too. The Red Sox tandem of Vazquez and Swihart not as strong as last year but better than the Yankees.
Starting Pitching - Red Sox - if they stay healthy could be the best rotation in all of baseball. The Yankees have improved and if healthy a close second.
Bullpen - Yankees by a lot. The Yankees added to an already strong bull pen and the Sox subtracted. Until the Sox figure this out, late close games are going to be uncomfortable.
Team Speed - Edge Red Sox - Betts, Benintendi, Bogaerts and Bradley all are capable of 20 steals or more
Manager - I like Alex Cora over Aaron Boone. Almost everything Alex did last year worked and he has an outstanding relationship with his players. Aaron has a terrible middle name.
So who should win it all. Lots of things could happen, injuries, late-season acquisitions someone with a break-out season.
I have to go with the Sox but I am admittedly biased.