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Random thoughts on Conference realignment

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Aug 26, 2011
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I guess something has to happen now, with Syr-Pitt making it official.

I only see a few options. FWIW, here are one person's opinions of the various options:

- Independent Status - A joke and the death of UConn major athletics (really - UConn is not ND or even Texas)
- A10 or C-USA Conference alignment - Really? UMass? CCSU? Thank you, but no thank you. Again the death of major athletics.

- Big East merger with some combination of remaining BE-C-USA-B12 teams - Baylor? - Maybe Army & Navy (not horrible - but not really desirable) TCU? - Kansas - Kansas St - Geographical insanity! Perhaps this league could hang onto BCS status. Perhaps not.

- SEC - ummm no - nothing geographically - and UConn would spend the next several decades as a red headed step child. BCS status however would be secured. Playing 'Bama, Tenn, and Florida would be cool - but they are not natural rivals.

- Big10 - While I would love to see Ohio St - Michigan et al, I can't see UConn getting an invite (and the red headed step child syndrome would very much be in play) Would Penn State end up as our biggest rivalry? (maybe Rutgers, if they also were invited). BCS status secured.

- ACC (some version of the North South devision as posted by others) - the best, natural solution. Would maintain many FB and BB rivalries (Pitt and Syr) and re-instate others (BCU) as well as creating several new ones (Maryland). Duke and UNC would hate to see us - (I also believe the red headed step child factor would still be in play). BCS Status secured (I believe - right?)

Not sure if I missed any options, but really the only sensible option appears to be the 2 division ACC. Not perfect - but the BCS status would be secured and while the "southern" bias would have to be overcome (Tobacco road really runs the conference after all), it seems to be the only viable option.
Aug 27, 2011
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No way the ACC loses their BCS bid. Not a chance, even if they stop at 14 and do nothing, no chance. There'd be anti-trust lawsuits galore if they were stripped (in favor of who?).
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