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Random thoughts from last night

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Feb 10, 2012
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The Band was the best highlight tonight, followed by the field hockey and bb teams.

The flow of the game sucked. Between flags, tv timeouts, and other stoppages, they all killed the tempo. One time, on a key third down they busted out the snarl, red eyes, and the crowd got loud. Next thing, game stops for three minutes. They come back, and nothing to get the crowd fired up again. Lots of examples like that. First game for lots of people i guess.

I liked the husky logo at mid field. Also liked the snarling and red eyes. Just seemed to be inconsistent on third downs. Wasn't sure if it was on purpose to only do that on some third downs, or like so many other things, first game miscues.

Student section was packed at one point. I think the crowd was into it. Unfortunately, at the end of the game where UCONN had 20 shots from within the 5 yard line, the byu section was packed and loud. My son commented about the cheerleaders cheering to 5 students at that point.

I thought our offense moved better with Casey. Not a whitmer fan. Something about how his release and ball flight. Regardless, pick one and go with it. Or at least use them strategically. Every other possession only seemed to hurt Casey and chandler as neither could get into a rhythm. This is a PPesque type move. Dump it.

Byu was just too big and too strong. They did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. The downfield blocking made uconn's secondary non-existent. Coaching needs to teach how to break that. Of course, if the other team is that much bigger, stronger, and faster, the fix is a little more than coaching or half- time adjustments.

The red lot was a hay-field. Maybe a mower to go along with the power washer. Yes I'm nit picking but walking 1 mile each way in that stuff was a pain in the a. S. S.

Was hoping to see a little more newsome. He had a nice return even though it was late and the game was decided.

Davis was the only consistent threat for UCONN. He seemed to be more effective with Casey.

Byu is just better a around. UCONN has a ways to go. So does the coaching staff. No reason we couldn't get one more touchdown at the end. Weak play calling. Yes the game was over but they had two possessions inside the 10 at the end. No points. Maybe the byu fans were too loud.
For the most part, from a coaching perspective, this wasn't very different from a pp era game.

Not giving up on the season. Still think 6-7 wins are possible. This team has some talent.
Just a bad mismatch for game 1.

Byu brought fans. Not like michigan, but they had a good showing. More byu fans at the end if you exclude the band. UCONN fans have created a bad habit of leaving when the team is down. Lots left at half and never came back. Of course, the team needs to show that they can come back so people stay.
Aug 26, 2011
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BYU is a better football team than us right now. If not for the QB position our talent level matches up well with theirs, but Hill's experience and skills made it easy for him to carve up a passive defensive scheme. Is a four man rush now our blitz package? That game left a lot of film to look at for the defense.

What was our average yards-per-carry (excluding sacks and QB runs)? Seemed like we had some nice first down runs but didn't fare well by going to the air immediately on second down. Maybe that's a function of going behind 0-14 (worst case scenario first posession turnover) but we didn't show any commitment to the run even as Marriner seemed to be getting it done. And we ran a nice screen but I don't remember seeing it again. We have 2 backs (Marriner, Newsome) that can really make that work.

Overall I wasn't surprised we'd give up yards on D in a contain mode, but it was worse than expected. Also not surprised the offense sputtered in the first half until we settled in. There was pressure on our QB but most of the guys seemed to know who to block this time around. It will improve.

What really shocked me wasn't that we were outcoached but how our coach's approach to the game really cost us. Too passive on D, no commitment to things that seemed to work, and the two-headed monster experiment that never seems to end around here. Aside from the offensive line debacle with DeLeone, that had to be the other most hated aspect of the other failed regime. Do we really have to go down that road again?

Coach said he would make mistakes and have to learn from them. That is one mistake we shouldn't have relive while he gets his feet wet as a HC. We have the talent to improve steadily over the next 2 years so let's not go backwards. Let a young QB and o-line develop together without constant interruptions and give our backfield the chance to move the chains. We're just not ready to be a pass first team yet imo. The line isn't ready to give anywhere near the time that Hill had (all flipping day) so we have to take a little pressure off first.

It's early. There's talent. Let it develop.
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