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Play ... No, Start McCummings

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Earlier this season I was iffy about Scotty McCummings but I'm starting to like what I see. The kid is clearly athletic and he is a beast to bring down. He looks more confident out there and I really liked the play that was designed for him to run but he saw an open WR and passed it down field for more yards ... that was a heads up play. Earlier in the year he had the case of fumbles, but he clearly looks more confident on the field now. He adds another dimension to our offense and wouldn't take as many sacks.

Can anyone on this board honestly tell me that they weren't more exicted and hopeful when McCummings came in?
Aug 30, 2011
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The last two games the McCummings plays have been the most successful part of the offense which begs the question why are we not seeing more of it? It seems P just doesn't want to deal with a real QB controversy.

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Aug 24, 2011
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Cue the armeggedon music because I'm agreeing with forte.

Start McCummings and have Nebrich as the number 2. Similar to last year when Zach went from starter to #3 on the depth chart. We know what McEntee is capable of doing. Unfortunately his skill set is completely not supported by what our offensive line is capable of doing.

Our Oline had some changes in the off season and then had the injury to Bennett. The line has settled down and has become much better at run blocking. Unfortunately they linemen don't have the athleticism to pass block against aggressive schemes and pressure. And there isn't an Anthony Sherman back there to help out. For the whole season, McEntee only has time for one read before pressure gets to him and then he panics. Similar to Jim Everett or Drew Bledsoe.

So, I say start McCummings. His running keeps the defense from just blowing straight upfield and going bonkers on pressure. McCummings didn't seem phased by the pressure. There will be a step back, but we are so far in the hole this season that it's worth it.

Biggest problem with the team so far this year is that the coaching schemes and the personnel aren't matching up. We can't have a drop back pocket passer who can't run in the game when we have an Oline whose biggest weakness is pass blocking.

I am pleased with our running offense and our offensive sets. We don't have the line/QB combo to execute them though.

On defense it's the same. Our run defense is good. It's not just that teams know they can pass all day, our yards per rush on defense is good and consistently passes the eye test for performance.

Our pass defense and schemes are atrocious. We don't have the players to play man to man or make plays one on one in the open field. With Blidi out we need a bend but don't break scheme and keep everything in front. I am concerned that no one is challenging Gratz at CB as he has regressed significantly this year. On the chat last night I compared him to Stanley Robinson on the bball team. Makes a few great plays, but gets busted on the simple fundamental plays and will leave as the same player he showed up as.

We are what our record says it is. We've beaten a 1-AA team, a MAC team and got a home win against USF. Looks like we are going 0 for the year on the road.

Put in McCummings because we've only scored two offensive touchdowns in the past four games. One was on a busted defense and one was in garbage time.
Aug 27, 2011
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I would really like to see what McCummings and Nebrich could do over the course of a full game.

We've seen what McEntee can do, now it's the kids' turn.
Aug 26, 2011
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Start McCummings or Nebrich now. I don't care at this point. Anything is better than what MAC is doing out there. At least both FRs can run if they are in trouble while MAC got lead foot out there. Time to develop the FRs.
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