Patients Finance Move Of Researcher From FL to UConn

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    Patients Finance Move of Researcher From Florida to UConn

    Despite Connecticut's "cold weather, snow and taxes," Florida researchers and medical staff volunteered for the move, he said. "It shows the remarkable work of the team," Weinstein said.

    "People generally don't move entire centers to Connecticut," said Juan C. Salazar, physician-in-chief at the Children's Medical Center and chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at the UConn School Of Medicine. "This is a big deal for us to have this opportunity."

    Weinstein, formerly of Connecticut and now at the University of Florida, will be a professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine when he arrives in January. He also will be director of the glycogen storage disease program, a venture of UConn Health and the Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

    The Jackson Laboratory, which researches genomics – a branch of molecular biology focused on the structure, function and mapping of genomes, the complete set of genes – will play a role in researching glycogen storage disease, Salazar said.