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Passing, TO, Overall Guard Play

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Mar 21, 2013
Reaction Score
Boat: 513 min, 67 assists. 7.6 min per assist
D-Ham: 463 min, 47 assists 9.8 min per assists
T-Sam: 318 min, 22 assists 14.5 min per
Sam Jr: 228 min, 15 assists 15.2 min per
Purvis: 335 min, 12 assists 28 min per
Omar: 127 min, 3 assists 42 min per

Assist/ TO ratio
Boat: 67/40= 1.7
D-Ham: 47/47= 1
T-Sam: 22/23= .96
Sam Jr: 15/6= 2.5 (surprising)
Purvis: 12/22= .6
Omar: 3/7= .43

Shooting: FG%, 3 pt FG %, Free Throw % (gulp)

Boat: 41%, 34%, 81%
D-Ham: 41%, 36%, 53%
T-Sam: 37%. 0% (0-7), 77%
Sam Jr: 27%, 23%, 80% (16-20)
Rodney:42%, 35%, 54%
Omar: 50%, 38%, 40% (2-5)

Boat is a given.

D-Ham is setting guys up, his field goal percentage is a little low, but his three point is ok for a wing. Foul shooting is terrible. He turns it over too much, making way too many unforced errors and some horrific inbounds plays. Haven't paid close enough attention to his d, but he seems like a capable defender who can lose his man at times and also get beat off the dribble. Nothing too egregious tho. Overall our second most well rounded player who makes plenty of plays to make up for his mistakes. Brings a lot to the table (size, length, athleticism, real basketball skills).

T-Sam: Isn't setting guys up enough for a backup pg. He isnt turning it over like crazy, but a 1 to 1 assist to TO ratio for a point guard who absolutely can not shoot whatsoever isn't cutting it. His defense has been ok, but not as lock down as some on here think. Has the speed and size to play, but he needs to run the offense better and finish at the rim much better since he cant shoot a lick.

Sam Jr: Is taking care of the ball surprisingly well, and also has more assists than I was expecting. He makes his free throws, but unfortunately not much else. His fg and ft %'s are obscene. Also cant guard anybody at all and lacks the quickness, athleticism at this level.

Purvis: Absolutely is not passing the ball enough. One assist every 28 min of game time. That is absolutely terrible for a guy who handles the ball as much as he does and who takes it to the hole as often as he does. Sam Jr, the chucker that he is, is getting an assist in half that time. I'm surprised his turnovers are so low (22), but a 0.6 A/TO ratio is pretty bad. 42% from the field and 35% from 3 aren't terrible, but they're not cutting it for a starting 2 guard considering he doesn't bring anything else. If hes not setting guys up and is constantly playing out of control, he needs to be shooting it better. His defense seems ok, but he is far from a lock down defender. Seems to me that he gives up a ton of threes in his face and for whatever reason I remember him losing his man in the corner for a 3 all the time. Overall, in my opinion, Rodney is just smack in the middle of everything. Is decent at a lot of things, but doesn't excel at any one thing and just seems to lack a feel for the game. He tries hard and means well and has a positive attitude but for whatever the reason, he keeps screwing up. I just think he doesnt understand how to play in the flow of the game and tries to force things too much. Hes not big, athletic, or skilled enough to make up for it since hes an inch or two too short and has good not great athleticism.

Omar: Has played much less than the other guys. Doesn't handle the ball nearly as much, so its unsurprising that his assists are so low. Could probably improve this a little bit, but we all know ball handling and setting guys up aren't his strength. Shooting 50% from the field is pretty darn good. 38% from three would normally be pretty good, but since we need his shooting and considering he doesn't do much else, I would like to see this higher. Needs to shoot it better from the line, but only 5 shots, so he gets a pass. Defense has always been an issue with him given his lack of lateral quickness, but I have noticed he is making more plays on d this year (trailing fast breaks for blocks/ block attempts, tipping cross court passes, dropping down low to try to strip the opposing big man when hes backing down). I am impressed with his d this year. Hes improved considerably.

Well there it is. 15 games into the season, I would say is enough of a sample size. The picture isn't pretty. Nobody besides Boat and D-Ham are setting anyone else up. None of them take care of the ball except for Sam Jr surprisingly. And none of them are great shooters.

Most of them do at least one thing particularly well, but offset that by being very poor in another area, and in most cases more than 1. Sam Jr cant shoot or play d, but he makes his free throws and takes care of the ball surprisingly well. T-Sam cant shoot, but his defense is solid and he has good size and speed and is capable of running the offense. Rodney unfortunately is just in the middle for everything. Nothing jumps out at you as god awful, but I wouldn't know what to consider as his strenghts. Hes undersized for a 2 guards (6'3 tops with short arms, hes smaller than t-sam), has above average athleticism but not an explosive monster as some like to think, is an ok shooter but not great and is an ok defender, but nothing special. Plays way too out of control and never looks to pass. Feels like for every positive play (made 3 or hoop) he makes two poor ones (turnover, forced shot, lets his man open to hit a 3). Omar is still getting back and has shown some very positive flashes and has improved in a lot of areas. He needs more minutes. D-Ham gives us length and athleticism and besides Boat is the most well-rounded and skilled player on the team. Not a great shooter, but is capable and while he turns it over a lot and plays out of control, he sets guys up and makes a positive play just as often.

So what does Ollie do?

Unfortunately, this analysis does nothing to answer the question. My answer would be to give Omar some of Purvis minutes. Play D-Ham just as much as Boat since those 2 are the only well-rounded guys and even when he screws up he seems to make two good plays for every screw up (Purvis is the exact opposite in my opinion. One good play for every two screw ups). Maybe give T-Sam some more minutes as well, but have him focus on running the offense a little more. He comes in as an off guard looking to drive which is fine, but he looks to shoot when he takes it in rather than looking for lobs, dishes to Brimah and Facey ala D-Ham.
Aug 27, 2011
Reaction Score
Remember in the pre-season when we were predicting that we'd have one of the best backcourts in the country and that there just wouldn't be enough minutes to go wrong? Just tough to watch, overall. What is very scary is that once Boat leaves we are going to rely on a freshman, a very talented one at that, but a freshmen to be our primary ballhandler, passer, facilitator etc. b/c none of the other guards have a great handle or point skills. On top of that, there are some that say Adams is still a work in progress as a point guard.
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