PAC12 Exploring Taking On Private Equity Partners


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Aug 16, 2013
Uhhhh . . . This does not look good for the PAC. Taking a one time $500 million payout, they would be giving up 10% of any future revenue. The article says all conference broadcasting rights, sponsorship rights, merchandising, and all other commercial assets brought under “PacNewCo.” Everything would go into PacNewCo and distributed to the schools and partners.

Couple of thoughts:

1. Does this include teams merchandising? No way Oregon or any of the big schools would go for this. Too much money lost. If it does and the schools go for it, they are much worse off than I thought.

2. Does this extend the GoR? Would the conference allow a school to leave after taking the one time payout? Could they take on anybody on?

3. How long would this last? Is there an expiration date? Are they trying to get to a point where they buyout the equity partner?

Seems like this is a last gasp effort to get to level of the SEC and the Big10.