OT — Clingan in Holiday Tournament at Mohegan

Sep 22, 2011
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Hi guys.

I figured fans here would want to know this but The Day is hosting a holiday tournament Dec. 20 at Mohegan.

First game is Waterford vs. Ledyard at 6 pm
Second game is Bristol Central vs. East Catholic at 8.

For both games, my understanding is it will be $10 for both games.

I’ll probably go see Donovan and I think the world of Luke Reilly as a coach. IMO, he’s the best in the state and that is hard to say as an Aquinas grad about a former south catholic player. He was always nice and honest to me when I was at the JI too.

East is probably going to be good again, and I urge people to get out next winter and support these programs. Boy did I miss high school football and hoops last year.
Mar 27, 2020
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The Day is unmatched in the state for their A/V coverage of high school sports. While the broadcast is not exactly TNT or ESPN, they have fun and are not that annoying.. They've done a handful of my games over the past few years and always put together a professional product, it's awesome that the kids have this. Not only do you get to enjoy it in the moment, it is there forever, just type it into YouTube when you're feeling nostalgic!
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