New Program Helps Students Choose Major With Confidence

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    New Program Helps Students Choose Major with Confidence - UConn Today

    At any point during their academic careers, students can utilize The Major Experience and other ACES services. Twyman says some students may only be starting to evaluate their interests when they ask for help; others, like Gannon, may only need to do a little research to know if they are making good decisions.

    Through The Major Experience, current UConn students, or newly accepted UConn students, are able to request action plans via the program’s website to help guide them through the process of choosing what to study. When making a request, students fill out a questionnaire, and they receive personalized feedback from The Major Experience staff in return.

    Each student who uses the program has access to staff coaches like Twyman and mentors like Lisa Iwanicki.

    Iwanicki ’18 (NUR), a mentor for The Major Experience, believes in the program and is excited to help other students. She previously served as a mentor for UConn’s First Year Experience program, but will focus solely on The Major Experience this school year.

    “This program has really taken off,” Iwanicki says. “It’s everywhere now, and it’s great.”
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    I wish they had this when I was there. I had 3 different advisors in 1.5 semesters in ACES and never got any real feedback.
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    Hey students! Choose the degree that makes us the most money that will also get corporate investors to give us more money to invest in our infrastructure!