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New Judge in PA

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Andlig Ledare
Aug 24, 2011
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That is good to hear. I can not believe that the initial judge did not recuse herself.


Wise Woman
Aug 23, 2011
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Here's what I posted in the other thread last night which references a lengthy NY Times article and some interesting information on the investigation.

I've been wondering how it came about that investigators in 2008-2009 learned about McQueary witnessing the assault in 2002 as it seemed pretty clear to me that investigators came to him rather than McQ going to them. Well, now we know. According to the NY Times story, there were posts on a Penn State athletic message board about an assistant coach witnessing something ugly but keeping silent about it. By the time investigators were told of this information they had already concluded that Sandusky was a "serial molester." Investigators eventually honed in on McQ as the asst coach who had seen something and met up with him in an out-of-the-way parking lot on campus. It was there where McQ told investigators everything he had seen in the shower in 2002 and what he did afterwards.

PSU's counsel, Wendell Courtney, was never told about the 2002 incident and claims he would have been obligated to report it. Investigators are very suspicious about claims that other high ranking officials at PSU were unaware of the 1998 incident. (“You have to understand those statements in context — there is nothing that happens at State College that Joe Paterno doesn’t know, or that Graham Spanier doesn’t know,” one person involved in the investigation said. “Whether or not a criminal case went forward, there were ample grounds for an administrative inquiry into this matter. I have no evidence that was ever done. And if indeed that report was never passed up, it makes you wonder why not.”)

Some important records of The Second Mile are missing for the years 2000-2003 which was surprising to some at the charity when they attempted to retrieve them. The investigators were interested in records of Sandusky's expenses, travel, etc., to find information on Sandusky recruiting kids and perhaps buying their silence. Key records seem to be missing.

Investigators have reason to believe there were suspicions about Sandusky's inappropriate relationships with young boys both within and outside the PSU program, including among other coaches. (“This was not the secret that they are trying to make out now,” one person involved in the inquiry said. “I know there were a number of college coaches that had heard the rumors. If all these people knew about it, how could Sandusky’s superiors not know?”)


Aug 27, 2011
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Based on yesterdays news that the police deny Mike McQueary's indirect statement the he did go to the police and the governor's denial that the prosecutors (of which he was one) moved too slowly, a paranoid conspiracy theorist might conclude that:
1. McQueary is being set up to be the fall guy, especially so if the prosecution fails.
2. There is no telling who the final casualty will be; up to and including the governor.
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