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New Haven Register article on Rahsool Diggins

Aug 17, 2011
Good article from Borges.

Diggins arrived a few minutes later, and it was off to Hawaii, where Diggins wound up earning all-tournament honors.

Later that day, he also earned a scholarship offer from UConn. Part of the reason Moore was even at the game was because UConn was still hoping to recruit Keels, who has since cut his recruiting list down to Villanova, Virginia and Duke. Diggins hadn’t been as high on the wish list.

“Danny (Hurley) and Tommy weren’t sold on him in the summer,” Mosco recalled. “Tommy watched that game and said, ‘We’ve got to have him.’ That’s when they started recruiting him.”

And the obligatory link for those without Register access: UConn once played in a six-overtime classic; Husky recruit Rahsool Diggins can do that one better.
Dec 8, 2015
"Unlike Wright and some others, Moore stayed to the bitter end around 12:30 a.m. before driving back to UConn for a practice the next morning. "

On the 7 overtime game. Our staff will absolutely not be outworked. Tom is the PERFECT assistant for this program. So experienced, willing to play second fiddle and let the young guys have their chance. But no days off either.

"He works out every day with his personal trainer, however, and has been getting in plenty of run on weekends with a group of college and pro players from the Philly area that includes former Duke standout Amile Jefferson, ex-Penn State star Tony Carr and Auburn’s Samir Doughty"

Love that he's getting reps up every week over the summer with players MUCH better than him. That's how you get better (particularly defensively). If his personal trainer is any good, he should be coming back with an improved shot and a better finishing package too.