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My thoughts on this game and our Huskies (Long)

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Aug 30, 2011
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Let me start off by saying that although this win was not pretty, a win is a win. I will take a Big East road win without our HOF coach any day of the year. Also, South Florida has a solid team that played above themselves for a large portion of the game tonight. That being said, here is my take on our team.

Jeremy Lamb--It is fitting to start off tonight with the MVP of the game. He saved us tonight and gave us life when we looked extremely flat. That is the importance of having a great player that has solid experience. He hit key shots, showed that he can be the leader we need, and played an all-around great game. There isn't a whole lot more I can say about him, but Lamb has been great for us this season and if we want our desired goal in the end, he will have to continue to.

Shabazz Napier--He has normally been a great player for us, but tonight he had an off night. However, that is the absolute beauty of this team. Any given night a few players can have off games and we still have guys that can step up and do the things we need. Are we where we want to be at this point in the season? I would argue no, but the framework is there. Shabazz didn't have a great game tonight but I don't expect too many more like that from him.

Alex Oriakhi--Alex seems to be in a little bit of a "funk." I don't think it isn't because he isn't trying hard however. I feel that he has been pushed and I don't know if he is responding the way we want him to. My advice would be to let the game come to him. He is playing decent but for some reason I don't feel he is able to get over the hump so to speak. Also, I feel like he gets hammered about every other time he touches the ball. All in all he is solid but he hasn't reached his potential this season. I think the light bulb will turn on one of these nights and he will really click like we know he can.

Tyler Olander--I can't say enough about this kid. He seems to do all the right things and this team needs a guy just like him. He may not be a flashy scorer or a guy that will wow you with huge dunk, but he is smart, can rebound, pass and can knock down a jumper regularly. This kid has improved immensely and he is someone that this team needs.

Andre Drummond--Andre is an absolute FREAK athlete. However, he still has a long ways to go as Calhoun noted earlier this year. This game was a miss match for many of our guys but he was one of the major ones in my opinion. I like this guy by the hoop at all times on both sides and he can be an absolute force and game changer against any team. He has the God given ability to go as far as he wants in this sport and I think he will improve every day. I also would like to note that I feel that our guards have missed him several times on the pick and roll. This is where he could thrive and we missed a lot of opportunities with him, but once again this team has plenty of time to gel and make this guy habitual game changer.

Ryan Boatright--Ryan has lived up to and exceed my expectations. What a dynamic player, and furthermore he is consistent which is something that many of our players lack. I trust Ryan or Shabazz bringing the pill up the floor and being our ball-handler. It is a good thing to have, and I think we are just scratching the surface with "Boatshow." I'm elated that Boatright and Drummond are playing for us.

Deandre Daniels--We haven't seen a whole lot of him but he shows a lot of promise. He has had flashes of how good he can be. I feel like he has loads of potential and he is a versatile guy that could be a huge factor in many games this year. He will become a nice player for us over the next few years. I feel that he is playing a little hesitant and when he gains some confidence and comes out of his shell he will be a great contributor.

Roscoe Smith--He has showed great signs of what he can do as well. However, he is one of those guys that are still looking for their place on this team. He is a great athlete and a solid defender and will also play a key role in many games this season.

Summary--This team has the pieces to repeat. We are extremely talented, but our problem getting all these pieces to fit together. The reason that I am confident is because of one guy: Jim Calhoun. If anyone can mold this team into champions (again) he can do it. We have a lot to happy about in Husky Country even though we haven't played up to our potential. The best basketball is still out there...
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