Murder Mountain (netflix)


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Aug 29, 2011
Pretty good to very good 6 episode watch depending on your interests. A little disjointed with the shifting narratives, but very interesting. Especially if you are curious about the 50 year evolutionof Pot growing in the pot growing capital of the world : Humboldt county.

This focuses on some disappearances and murders over the years in Alderpoint, particularly one, and threads it together with some others. Crazy stuff and interesting to see the evolution for me, as I spent some time in Humboldt in the mid 80's in Garberville. Even back then there was one spot everyone said to stay away from: Rancho (Alderpoint/Murder Mountain).

I always had a hard time explaining to people what it was like there. This does a good job of that, and its gotten much more "hard" there over last 20 years which is a shame. It was always lawless, but that meant different things at different times. Because of that generational inherent lawlessness it seems that cops have (for better and worse) not cared about what happens in the sticks including murder.

So this threads those tales of violence through the story with the history on how Humboldt became Humboldt up to current day where it addresses the effects of legalization.

I like it.
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May 1, 2014
The problem with law enforcement in Humboldt is they must be high. Haha.

I watched this after Escape at Dannemora. It is amazing me how they didn't find some of these murderers in Humboldt, but everybody and their mother was out looking for the prisoner escapees in upstate NY. Priorities I guess.

The whole lawless Murder Mt reminded me of the meth head lawless communities like in the movie Out of the Furnace. Crazy that places like these exist this day in age.