Men's soccer 2018

Nov 19, 2011
Outclassed and outmatched by IU to end their season.

I am begging UConn to fire Reid. He is so far past his time that the school has no chance to be competitive with him here. He has no coherent strategy on offense or defense, no ability to recruit the "right" type of players because of the conference, his style and slow decay of the program. His only option is to find bruisers willing to kick it, chase it or knock into opponents and hope that a 30 yard prayer shot goes in to save his ass. Looking at the top teams, it's clear that the future of college soccer is going to be more technical. No chance technical players come here with this staff.

UConn soccer is done if he is allowed to continue.
Just look what Gunn has done to Stanford. He was the UNC Charlotte coach who took Reid' lunch money at Morrone in 2011 with a College Cup on the line. Stanford hired him after that. They have 3 straight NCAA titles. Indiana obviously is tremendously coached.